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Last updated: 5 September 2011

Whether as part of initial or trade training, army education, or just a day out in London, we can deliver punchy, engaging and relevant sessions as part of a Museum visit.

Talks last 45 minutes, and can be combined with visits to the Royal Hospital just next door.

Session topics

The Realities of War

En route for the beaches and battlefields of Belgium and France? Stop off at the National Army Museum for a hands-on introduction to the uniform, kit, equipment and weaponry of soldiers from the World Wars.

Command, Leadership and Management

Leadership styles and management techniques have come a long way since the days of the medieval kings. Learn more about successful (and not so successful) commanders of the past.

Afghan Again

The British Army has been in Afghanistan several times over the last 160 years: a shared history we’ve forgotten, and Afghanistan hasn’t. This talk covers the main campaigns up to the modern day, and looks at the way the Army (and Afghanistan) has changed over time.

Firelock to Fifty-cal

A race through a thousand years of small-arms, sub- and machine-gun technology, with a chance to get your hands on everything from broadswords to Bren Guns.

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