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  • Date: 28 January 1846
  • Location: Punjab (in modern-day India)
  • Campaign: First Sikh War (1845-46)
  • Combatants: Britain and the East India Company against the Sikh Empire
  • Protagonists: Major-General Sir Harry Smith; General Ranjodh (or Ranjur) Singh Majithia
  • Outcome: British victory


Martin Long
25 June 2016, 8.24pm

My g g g grandfather Charles

My g g g grandfather Charles Long 50th regiment of foot was wounded at the battle of aluval. He received a gunshot wound to the inferior maxillary and was discharged from the army because he could no longer speak.

Harleen Kaur
25 January 2015, 8.29pm

The British wanted territory,

The British wanted territory, and it is not wrong do want so. What is wrong is that they got territory by kicking other people out, and conquering their land!!! BOLE SONE HAL!!!! SAT SRI AKAL!!!!

Ram Singh
10 August 2013, 5.32pm

If this battle was won,

If this battle was won, british butchers would not have entered india and would have not caused the jallianwala bag massacre.

Lance Phillips
1 May 2013, 6.49am

Aliwal - proves Lt.Gen. Sir

Aliwal - proves Lt.Gen. Sir Harry Smith baronet of Aliwal our greatest Military Commander in the Field with an outstanding career. Waterloo a big battle but our greatest? - Waterloo was close run and without the Prussians - who knows. No doubt due to relief at scrapping the important win the post battle suffered a degree of political hype passed down the generations and now embedded in our minds... What the Hell my hero Sir Harry Smith was also at Waterloo so it must have been outstanding.

24 April 2013, 11.26am

Where did all the actual

Where did all the actual battles in India go? With the Sikhs, Sindhis, Gurkhas, Marathas, Mysore and uncountable such? Duke Wellington himself declared Assaye is his best, the hide and seek with Jaswant Rao Holkar, Buxar, Mahadji Shinde's wars, and then to the other surrounding areas, in Ottoman Iraq and Syria, Nepal, Burma, the fall of Singapore, Afghanistan where there are some very hard fought victories. Then the Dunkirk evacuations, and so on... This is but a small part of the complete story.

Davinder Singh
24 March 2013, 8.33am

The Battle of Chillianwalla

The Battle of Chillianwalla which was a Sikh victory over the British army but officially declared a draw requires more investigation. This must be the only battle where an army of non European background defeated a large British army equipped with artillery and cavalry in history.(the Zulus overran a single regiment). Ferozeshah was also a battle where the British prepared to surrender (Official papers were prepared to be burnt and the British commander was about to present Napolean's sword that he had as an offering of surrender). Amarpal Sidhu's 'The First Sikh war' is a good unbiased read.

Joginder singh
22 March 2013, 4.59am

Sikhs had a highest moral

Sikhs had a highest moral character and they were saint-soldier as per Sikh philosphy...

Harjinder Singh Ruprah
20 March 2013, 4.57pm

Saint and Soldiers that is

Saint and Soldiers that is how we do it!!!!!

jasbir singh mahngar
20 March 2013, 4.15pm



20 March 2013, 3.47pm

Yes Jaspal. Treachery and

Yes Jaspal. Treachery and greed is the reason for our demise.

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