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Enemy Commanders: Britain's Greatest FoesEnemy Commanders: Britain's Greatest Foes


Omer Khan
21 February 2012, 10.06am

Although, in my opinion, Tipu

Although, in my opinion, Tipu Sultan was arguably the greatest of the generals/commanders out of this list--and I am sorry to see that his full exploits haven't been properly detailed here--I also must say that this list is far too narrow. It doesnt cover many earlier commanders who might have perhaps been greater foes to British/English forces that those listed here. One name that comes readily to mind, for example, is that of Sultan Salah ed Din the Ayyubid ('Saladin')-- probably one of the greatest if not the greatest commander to face the British and indubitably the most gallant, too. The name of Caius Julius Caesar also comes to mind, if we refer far back enough. Thank you.

Sawood Anwar
18 March 2012, 4.40pm

+ i think without any doubt

+ i think without any doubt Tipu Sultan was greatest commander of Indian sub-continent in that period when British arrived in India.If he succeed in his mission the whole story would be different.

19 March 2012, 5.01am

He was not only a great

He was not only a great warrior but also a innovative ruler kept adopting new technlogies for the betterment of his empire.

19 March 2012, 6.44am

he was the most brave

he was the most brave commander of Indian history
if that time Maratha of Maharashtra help him he would have been through the Britishers out of India.

maaz huda
19 March 2012, 3.43pm

we need an other tipu sultan

we need an other tipu sultan for this century for the same task

20 March 2012, 5.33pm

Again the Brits against

Again the Brits against weakly armed civil forces?

20 March 2012, 11.35pm

A great anti-imperialist

A great anti-imperialist leader. Love his tiger in the V&A. Check it out.

25 March 2012, 6.11am

He was an excellent scholar

He was an excellent scholar and indefatigable soldier.

rahul kumar
10 April 2012, 6.32am

He was the greatest commander

He was the greatest commander INDIA could ever have.his war tactic and calculation was brilliant if he was not betrayed by other then it could be possible that we have another look of great INDIA

shamsher ahmad
21 June 2012, 4.00pm

he was tiger of India

he was tiger of India

14 November 2012, 7.30am

In reply to Omar khan's point

In reply to Omar khan's point of objection I would say that this article is I think about Indian warriors who fought to the end to defend their motherland against colonial invaders. No doubt Ayyubi was one of the greatest general of all times who shattered allied crusader forces and threw them out of middle east and Africa (Egypt) but we must mind his resources and power as compared to Tipu.. Ayyubi was the combined leader of Muslim world across the Asia and Africa and Muslims presented everything to support him in holy war against crusaders, their lives, their wealths their properties and everything they sacrificed for the success of Ayyubi. .. He was the sultan of great Egypt and Syria... Undoubtedly with superior and trained Arab fighting force adaptable to desert warfare in which they crushed crusaders in battle of Hattin...
But Tipu... Who was Tipu?? A young sultan and warrior of a small state of great india surrounded by powerful, hostile and treacherous neighbors like nizam and Maratha who knew nothing except lust of power and money... And east India company... A global smuggler company armed with elephant teeth and snake skin... Supported by great British empire... Indeed bravery of sultan Ayyubi and Tipu has no comparison. All out victory was expected in case of Ayyubi and all out annihilation was certain in Tipu's case... Still he never surrendered since he was not fighting for victory but he was fighting to leave a message for the indo- Pak people, that is "one day life of lion is better than hundred years life of jack"..

Sameeullah shareif
23 December 2012, 4.54pm

Dear readers, If Nizam of

Dear readers, If Nizam of Hydrabad or Peshwa of Maharashtra supported to Sultan Tippu, the history of today`s India would some thing different. Means according to our political leader they would take another 10 years to uplift our country. If the Tippusultan succeeded in his attempt without betreyed, today now he woud have improved our country no 1 in the whole world in all aspects..

Altaf sayyed
7 January 2013, 5.50am

Really he was Tiger. Like him

Really he was Tiger. Like him nobody in This World.

jamal khan
7 February 2013, 4.54am

Although - in my opinion,

Although - in my opinion, TIPU SULTAN, was arguably the greatest of the generals/commanders out of this list - and i am so sorry to see that. TIPU SULTAN is the tiger of mysore was one of the most formadable indian opponents. he was very obedients tiger, TIPU was a man of learning and was proficient in multiple language. He was also an able war strategist as is evident from his early BATTELS.

mohamed razvi
11 February 2013, 3.58pm

actually british army fought

actually british army fought with tipu sultan in wrong way. it is better to be a lion than like a cat/coward man.

Shakeel Ahmed
11 February 2013, 8.50pm

we all know he was not just a

we all know he was not just a brave king but also a very pious muslim who never missed his tahajjud prayer also..can u believe such a pious man to shave his beard? plz do something nd get real pic of tipu nd spread the truth...thanks

13 March 2013, 1.03am

Indian history is full of

Indian history is full of betrayals.

If he did not spare any enemies, they would not have dared to come back. Tipu trained Dheeran Chinnamalai who even after Tipu's death fought British, killing one of their commanders. British had to pay Chinnamalai's cook to get information and kill him.

One day of lion's life is worth more than 100 years of Jackal's life. India still has equal number of lions and jackals...

14 March 2013, 4.01am

Am confused : 1>Why is it

Am confused :
1>Why is it when one of our illustrious leaders from the times of the old was betrayed by one of his own kind, we blame the British.
2>Why were there not as many betrayers among the British?
3>Could it be that they were better at treating the people who served them than the Indian rulers of that time?
4>Or could it be simply that they were better in understanding people's disgruntlement and concealed hatred for the Indian rulers.
5>Either ways they raised local armies from local populations and routed the local rulers, Think about it.'
6>Proves that the Indian rulers of the time were nothing more than self indulgent time wasters who ruthlessly exploited their subjects to fulfill their own coffers.

ZamZam Ali
14 April 2013, 3.53am

My name is ZamZam Ali, and I

My name is ZamZam Ali, and I was born in the USA, but my parents are from India. I am So proud of Tipu and Haider Ali, but my heart cries for what happened to them. Why didn't the Indians unite at that time and drive out the disgusting british?

we need an other tipu sultan for this century for the same task. What do you mean ? The British are already gone from India now ??

jason ubych
3 May 2013, 11.02am

A great general? Not a

A great general? Not a chance. One victory with the help of the French against a vastly outnumbered British army and a whole string of defeats, even handed over his kids to the British.

This guy was just another despot clinging to power and Karma got him in the form of David Baird.

But this guy did have balls and bling.

Shakila qasim
4 May 2013, 7.58pm

Hazrat Tipu Sultan was a

Hazrat Tipu Sultan was a great freedom fighter. He start battle against British. He was a scholar. Rocket Technich was stolen by British after death. Tipu's Sword and Pistol is still with British people in London.

pradeep kumar
19 June 2013, 11.28am

He was an excellent scholar

He was an excellent scholar and indefatigable soldier.

Musharraf Hussain
14 August 2013, 5.43pm

Tipu sultan is the first

Tipu sultan is the first person of india who first opposed british rule and first who start war against slavery of british

Shaikh Salaam
21 August 2013, 5.32pm

I love all his opinions

I love all his opinions mainly "What is to be done in Love and War, should be fair..."

4 September 2013, 5.33pm

Tippu sultan definitely the

Tippu sultan definitely the greatest Indian fighter of all times, father of missile technology, scholar, linguist, ruler of innovating scientific finance and army management. he was a brave Indian patriot. JAI HIND...

Abdul Saleem
9 September 2013, 3.29pm

All hail "TIPU SULTAN". Proud

All hail "TIPU SULTAN". Proud to be born in nation once you fought for.
Please continue your blessings to make it more powerful. Saviour of nation.

7 October 2013, 5.57pm

Tippu sultan was one of the

Tippu sultan was one of the best warriors or commanders. and some had mentioned all as a selfish ruler. if it was so tippu could have built a better palace. could have allied with british. and could have enjoyed the life of jewellery rather than taking up the sword against. he kept good terms with mughals and Napoleon. introduced new techniques. as he could forsee the effect of british in later periods. and one more thing still government does not recognise the condition of his descendants who have been suffering and nobody sees that. and some historians judge him wrongly cos those upper-class enjoyments of booze and girls were punished by tippu. and taught to respect girls. and if he was against non-muslim it wasn't a big deal for him to demolish the temple in his door steps in mysore which still there. so respect him as a man who fought for freedom and who cared for kids and girls. and who introduced new techniques and the ruler who respected all religion. and who was not behind luxury which is evident from his interest in libraries and science.

20 October 2013, 3.44am

Tipu Sultan was a great

Tipu Sultan was a great leader and a patriot. He was open minded and hence progressive and encouraged innovation. As a sultan he was lucky as well to inherit the minds of Pundit Purnaya and others, I just wished the English were rooted out of India during his time.

God bless him and his patriot Mysorean army who gallantly fought and gave up there life for their cause, I salute the brave heroes...

Roshan Ali
18 November 2013, 3.58am

Tipu sultan is word which

Tipu sultan is word which created a thundering fear in Britishs.
He was not only a ruler but also a well known hakeem (doctor) and also an engineer and a wrestler.

Butt sahab
20 November 2013, 12.28pm

Tipu was above and beyond the

Tipu was above and beyond the inferiority complex that indian nation had and still have concerning the white man. He was a good politician and administrator. And when it came to ultimate humility or death he choose the latter.

14 December 2013, 5.57am

The main reason behind Tipu's

The main reason behind Tipu's defeat was he dragged 90,000 small hindu children from their homes by force and converted to Islam. The people of Mysore made complaint to the Marathas about this and Marathas allied with British to kill Tipu.

A Ahmed
30 December 2013, 3.05pm

I find the comment 31 totally

I find the comment 31 totally baseless & mindless, the individual seem to completely lack the knowledge of history. Look at, accept & appreciate the history in an unbiased way. The comment in my opinion is an attempt to mislead, it only shows stupidity + frustation & not the truth.

Abdul Samad
25 January 2014, 4.50am

I am proud Tippu was a best

I am proud Tippu was a best king. His gift for India very big

Shekhar Iyer
28 January 2014, 11.55pm

There is no doubt in my mind

There is no doubt in my mind about these two aspects of our history: (1) The British were mostly scumbags for the longest time and opportunistic, avaricious, cruel, mean-spirited, racist, exploitative, imperialist and divisive (2) We Indians were very much confused, insecure, cowardly, selfish, comfort-seeking -- Hyder Ali & Tipu Sultan were the glorious exception along with only a handful of other Indian rulers of the 18th & 19th Centuries. They were enlightened rulers of their land, and the unfortunate forced conversions to Islam were certainly brief and restricted to conquered lands -- an exception in the 40 years of dominance. There was absolutely no shame in Tipu's loss in 1792 or 1799; he believed in his cause and willingly laid down his life. I am proud to have walked on lands this man might have trodden.

Raihan Khan
27 February 2014, 7.10am

Tell me how many rulers

Tell me how many rulers sacrificed their lives or died as a martyr when they could easily have led a luxurious life as a servant of the British? Tipu Sultan is in the same league as Chenghis Khan. Probably even better. Not many can be devoted to both their religion and their people. But Tipu Sahab was an exception. All Muslims must take him as a role model instead of film stars and sportsmen, and idealize him. May Allah grant him peace and open the door to heaven.

21 March 2014, 12.20pm

First my veer pranam to Tiger

First my veer pranam to Tiger of Mysore..

No words to say.. only tears.. First we have to bring back all Tippuji properties which are kept in foreign museums. That will be a real honour to our Tiger of Mysore..

Jai hind

23 March 2014, 11.37am

Indeed Tipu was great.

Indeed Tipu was great. British tried to disrupt his image after the fall of srirangapatnam. It can be proved if you go through some doc and event related to one of our former president Abdul Kalam u will find that in Bengal wrong history was being taught, when inspected it came out that tipu respected Hindu religion very much. even in his fort u can find a vast temple as well as masjid. in Sringeri temple there is a shiv linga of marble gifted by Tipu, and doc regretting the event that Maratha did at that time. Maratha looted that temple, Tipu renovated it. All those who dont believe google it. Tipu ravaged only those who sided with British no matter they were muslim, hindu or christian. He championed rocket technology, made mysore no 1 in Silk industry. After fall of srirangapatnam, the farmers there were in better condition as compared to other parts of the world... All the rubbish that is spread against him today is done by British and some blind writers of India who bilidly follow those british writers or their political selfishness.

Being an Indian, an Indian should respect such personality. He foresaw that not only mysore the whole india will suffer if we did not unite and he tried to unite maratha and Nizam, and the same happened india suffered. he could have sided with british because they invited him against Maratha and Nizam. Today we are doing the same mistake.

Jai Hind

Junaid Khan
28 March 2014, 6.21pm

History says he is a great

History says he is a great warrior who fought with the British till his last breath. Indeed he is a great warrior...but in one of his defeats in Anglo-Mysorean wars, he handed over his sons to the British.
He forcefully converted thousands of Hindus into Islam; gave more importance to Muslims; as a king should have given equal importance to all his subjects; but I agree he is a great warrior and also a well-read man, a scholar.

Amir Yaqub
8 April 2014, 6.48am

No doubt he was the bravest

No doubt he was the bravest oriental sovereign who preferred to resist the imperialist Europeans instead of surrendering or collaborating with them. A great visionary who was quick to modernize his military and adminstration on European models for better efficiency. He was a devout Muslim but not a bigot one and it was mostly Hindus who held positions of highest importance in his court and administration. He was unfortunately betrayed by his own men because India in 18th century was passsing through the transitory chaos following downfall of Mughal empire and the sense of unity among various Indian peoples was absent. He is the only great man who is equally admired and venerated both in Pakistan and India.

shabaz hussain
15 May 2014, 8.05pm

hi friends... there is no

hi friends...
there is no doubt about the achievements, and bravery of HAZRATH TIPPU SULTHAN SHAHEED. so in his remembrance govt of INDIA and KARNATAKA should open some universities and research centre across the country. i am a big fan and admirer of the HAZRATH TIPPU SULTHAN SHAHEED. i have a dream. and that dream is we should celebrate HAZRATH TIPPU SULTHAN SHAHEED birthday as "MILADH-E-SULTAN" OR "TIPPU JAYANTHI" and his death-day as "SHAHIDH DAY" not only in INDIA all over the world. we are doing in BENGALURU and MYSURU but i think he deserves more.
thank you.

Abdullah mondol
24 May 2014, 4.33am

I am abdullah from assam. i

I am abdullah from assam. i like SHABAZ HUSSIN comment. u r right
soonly we want doing this. it is not for your dream, it is all india dream.

13 August 2014, 6.11pm

TIPU SULTAN was such a great

TIPU SULTAN was such a great gift of GOD to INDIA, that even his enemies praised him for his excellence and greatness. He was true patriot and loved his Country so much that he gave everything he had including his life in such a valiant manner that even till today people remember him for his sacrifice. As for the cunning British invaders, their actions spoke louder than their words. Before they came to India, it was one of the richest Nations in the World and they left it divided and poor by plundering it and exploiting it. The seeds of hatred that they sowed are still causing havoc in this Country and we never seem to recover from this menace. But GOD is great and we hope that the people of India realize the treachery of our enemies and return INDIA to its glory days by ignoring our Worldly differences and Unite together to keep our Country strong and stable from divisive and corrupt forces.

sagar arora
20 August 2014, 12.04pm

Danger man in india.....

Danger man in india.....

mohammed basha
12 September 2014, 4.03pm

He is first freedom fighter

He is first freedom fighter in India....

Real Indian
20 September 2014, 11.53am

Mir Sadiq betrayed Tipu

Mir Sadiq betrayed Tipu Sultan because Tipu Sultan had forbidden looting after war victory from enemies civilian territory. The looted wealth was one of encouragement of soldiers as a additional benefit. as Tipu mentioned we can prevent outside enemy but can't inside. the astrologer of Srirangapatnam temple had warned Tipu 1799 4th may not auspicious day until 7 evening. but the situation compelled Tipu come out from the fort. but Pandit Purnia involved in big conspiracy with wodayar family and play very big Inner game, and after Tipu's assassination Purnia get well position with Brith controlled Wodayar government.

Real Indian
20 September 2014, 12.31pm

British kept Tipu's Real

British kept Tipu's Real Patriotic history better than Indian communal Historian.

21 September 2014, 12.40am

The Assassination of Tipu

The Assassination of Tipu Sultan was a well planned conspiracy of British and His Loyal Person Pandit Purniah with Mysore Maharani to get throne her son mummadi krishna Rajawodeya, Maharani and British Offered Him everything and granted Diwan Post with well property. Purniah Influenced Mir Sadiq. after Tipu's fall Pandit Purniah controls kingdom until wodayar become mature. one day before Tipu's Death Purniah was disappeared from Srirangapattanam and entrusted all control to Mir Sadik and makes way very easy.

24 September 2014, 9.39am

He was a great warrior &

He was a great warrior & First ever freedom fighter of India. He wanted India to be free from British rule. He did many things like:

1) He was against child labour & child marriage
2) Encouraged Womens education
3) First person to use rocket in india
4) Planned for KRS Dam
5) Build many temples
6) Surrendered his own son for the sake of His Country. (No one can even dream of doing this)
7) Great warrior who can alone fight & kill entire Army.
8) He was secular. Today people claim that he converted many people to Islam. Which is totally false. If he was against non-muslims, then Why there are many non-muslim officers/leaders/members in his administration. Sounds illogical to say that he converted people & demolished temples. HE BUILD TEMPLES & HE HAD MANY NON-MUSLIM MEMBERS IN HIS KINGDOM.
9) When Vijay Malya brought back Tippu's Sword for few crores from England, we noticed that his sword is 14Kgs & sharp at both sides. In one shot he could kill many enemy soldiers. Just Imagine, a warrior fighting with 14Kg sword.

Truly, with no doubt, he was one of the great warriors in the world. And Greatest Warrior & a brave tiger who fought for his country without even thinking of his own kids & family. A great & respected salute to Tipu Sultan.

Farook A Azam Khan Bahadur
23 January 2015, 8.36pm

First of all I am indeed very

First of all I am indeed very happy to know all your comments on Shaheed Hazarath Tipu Sultan (R.A). Now we have to follow his foot steps to bring back all the glory to INDIA by acquiring his belongings all around the world. Secondly we have to take forward his project which Tipu saheb wanted to implement in INDIA like making the nation most Powerful nation in the world and enriching INDIA by new technologies, best agricultural produces, healthy and wealthy nation in the world. He always worked to wards the betterment of his people and his Kingdom, establishing Industries in arms manufacturing, building roads and irrigation networks for agriculture, established bilateral economic treaties with many nations across the globe. He was the first one and only one from INDIA to send Congratulatory wishes to America when they got independence from BRITISH. We all INDIANS across the GLOBE should try to adapt his values and work towards making his dreams come true.

I have taken a oath, Inshallha I am on my path to do few thing and will keep putting all my efforts to achieve all the Dreams which TIPU Saheb has dreamed.

mohammed abdul sayeed
26 January 2015, 7.54am

tippu sultan was and is will

tippu sultan was and is will be tiger of india

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