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Conflicts of Interest, 1969-present

Last updated: 27 April 2012

From Northern Ireland and the Falklands to Iraq and Afghanistan, 'Conflicts of Interest' explores over 40 years of conflict, examining the role of the British Army across the globe and the impact being a serviceman or woman has on home life.

Conflicts of Interest gallery highlights

This display focuses on key international conflicts as well as debating domestic issues and questions relating to the modern military. The exhibition includes personal accounts from soldiers, their families and civilians of war-torn countries, alongside exclusive images and objects from the Museum's Collection.

The exhibition's 'At Home' area is themed around some of the most pressing issues facing the military today - from debates around equality and the implications of the military covenant to the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and crime and homelessness amongst veterans.

The area dedicated to Afghanistan sheds light on the intensity of the recent fighting and the British Army’s long history in the region. The exhibition also contrasts the Gulf War with the most recent Iraq War and looks into the British involvement in Sierra Leone.

The space devoted to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo explores varying levels of British military engagement during the 1990s - looking at the army both as UN peace-keeping force, and when engaged in full conflict under NATO.

Conflicting communities, and war close to home are the focus in the Northern Ireland section, while the Falklands area considers questions of patriotism and domestic support for war.

'Conflicts of Interest' is also a forum for debate, as in the 'Conflicting Opinions' area visitors are encouraged to consider the consequences of both military intervention and inaction and share their own opinion.


Tom Johnston
10 June 2012, 10.54am

An excellent exhibition. It

An excellent exhibition. It is like reliving the events.

Dylan Potter
20 August 2012, 7.48am

Sounds great, when I go to

Sounds great, when I go to London I would want to come to this place first and spend most my time at this exhibition, it sounds very good.

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