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Description of the Mounting of Two 9.2 in MkX Guns on Mk VIII Mountings at Lord Aireys and O'Hara Batteries. History: 'by Capt R Shrive, 1935 (c); associated with the Royal Artillery. Archives 1985-05-76
Canvas cover with press stud fastenings, 1914 (c)-1917 (c); associated with Capt H J H Newton, 1st Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion; rectangular in shape designed as a cover to a carrier of some sort, possibly cyclist equipment; printed on one side, 'T.C.Newton'; associated with World War One (1914-1918). Equipment, general 2003-11-33
Pattern 1879 sword bayonet with sawback blade, 1883 (c)-1900 (c); for use with the Martini-Henry Artillery carbine; manufactured in July 1883; modified in 1898; with black leather chequered grips and a steel knuckleguard with a slot for a sword knot; no scabbard; sold out of service marks and bend test mark; Enfield and Birmingham inspection marks. Edged Weapons 2003-11-34
Diary of Lt-Col Hugh Stainton Poyntz DSO, Bedfordshire Regiment, World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Archives 1989-01-132
Three monocles, nd; unknown user, associated with the Staff College, Camberley. Equipment, general 2003-11-35
Pattern 1855 Lancaster sword bayonet, 1879; manufactured in England, August 1879; used by the Army Hospital Corps, 1879 (c)-1890 (c); no scabbard; stamped on blade, '[crown]/ BR/ 21/ [crown]/ B/ 78', '83'; stamped on pommel, 'AHC/ 8/ 1879 . 483', 'E/ 81'; stamped on hilt, 'W.B.'. Edged Weapons 2003-11-36
Guard book: Wimbledon Rifle Corps notices, 1859-1881. Archives 1989-01-134
US socket bayonet, with triangular blade used during the American Civil War, 1861-1865; no scabbard; stamped on the blade, 'U.S.'; associated with the American Civil War (1861-1865). Edged Weapons 2003-11-37
Italian Carcano M1891 knife bayonet with sword knot, nd; black painted steel scabbard is not of the type that would be issued to a Carcano bayonet; with leather frog; stamped on blade, 'Terni'; stamped on crosspiece, 'MM4767'; associated with the Italian Army. Edged Weapons 2003-11-38
Two scrapbooks and a group photograph belonging to Maj Henry Gerard Philip Hoare, Hampshire Carabiniers Yeomanry and Surrey Imperial Yeomanry, 1889-1911. Archives 1989-01-135
Commando knuckle knife and leather sheath, 1940 (c)-1946 (c); used in the Middle East and Libya, 1940 (c)-1946 (c); scratched on the sheath, 'Libya' and 'XXXXXX'; associated with World War Two, Middle East (1940-1943). Edged Weapons 2003-11-39
Letter of : William Henry Vane, 3rd Earl of Darlington, Durham Supplementary Militia, 24 Feb 1798. Archives 1989-02-1
Bound typescript letters and diaries associated with Maj Walter Harold Wilkin (1876-1950), Sherwood Foresters, 1908-1919. Archives 1985-05-24
German trench dagger, nd; with black painted metal sheath; stamped on the blade, '5' and 'RB Nr./ 0/ 0561/ 0020'; associated with the German Army, possibly World War Two (1939-1945). Edged Weapons 2003-11-40
German Naval Officer's dress dagger with a silver coloured sword knot, 1939 (c)-1945 (c); manufactured by Eickhorn, Solingen, Germany; engraved blade with white plastic grip and pommel decorated with an eagle holding a wreath with a swastika; with metal sheath with engraved decoration; associated with World War Two (1939-1945). Edged Weapons 2003-11-41
Booklet: Soldiers General Manual for Small Arms, Pamphlets 1, 2, 3, 4 and Safety Practices, 1940 (c). Translation from Japanese; associated with World War Two, Far East (1941-1945). Archives 1989-02-142
Papers associated with L/Cpl Frederick Walter Legge (b 1893), 9th and 10th Reserve Bns The London Regiment and 16th Bn London Regiment, World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Archives 1985-04-40
Two leaflets, associated with the Burma Police, World War Two (1939-1945); found in issues of the Burma Police Journal. Archives 1985-05-77
Papers of Capt Derek George Levis, Royal Army Medical Corps, Malaya, June 1941-February 1942. Archives 1990-08-224
Leaflet: 'Rules of the 'Wellington Club'', 1920 (c); associated with the 6th Bn Duke of Wellington's Regiment. Archives 1985-05-78
Photograph album, 1943 (c)-1944 (c); inscribed in manuscript below photographs; associated with Gen J Churchill and relating to Army Commandos, Yugoslav Forces, Yugoslav Liberation Army and World War Two, Balkans (1943-1944). Photographs 1986-01-3
Agent's ledger for the 66th Regiment of Foot, 25 Jun 1758-9 Apr 1766. Archives 1985-05-79
Photograph album of 88 photographs possibly compiled by an NCO or Trooper of 5th Dragoon Guards, 1922-1927; on cover a pen and wash drawing of the crest of the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards; also associated with Northumberland Fusiliers, 21st Lancers, Police and the Punjab Light Horse. (Album dimensions 17 x 24.5 x 1.5 cm). Photographs 1986-01-64-1
Six diaries and 70 letters written by Hubert Conway Rees (1882-1948), 6 May 1901-14 Dec 1908; associated with the 3rd Bn East Surrey Regiment and 2nd Bn Welch Regiment, Boer War (1899-1902). Archives 1985-06-4
Photograph album of 53 photographs compiled by an NCO or Trooper, 5th Dragoon Guards, 1920-1928; typescript inscription below photographs; associated with 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards, 21st Lancers, 2nd Dragoon Guards. Photographs 1986-01-64-2
Photograph album of 77 photographs compiled by a Trooper, 5th Dragoon Guards, 1920 (c); associated with Northumberland Fusiliers and Connaught Rangers. Photographs 1986-01-64-3
Letter from Sir Charles Frederick, RMA Woolwich to Mr Thomas Wilks Thoroton, Secretary to the Board of Ordnance, 3 Jul 1766. Archives 1989-02-146
Photograph album of 265 photographs, nd; photographs taken by T Nicholls, Army Service Corps, 1915-1923; with modern brochure containing a plan of Salonika; associated with World War One, Egypt and Palestine (1914-1918). (Album dimensions: 19.5 x 24 x 4 cm). Photographs 1986-02-41
Letter of Sir Harry Burrard, 1st Bart, Royal Artillery, 1 Jul 1768. Archives 1989-02-189
Notebook of Lt Clifford William Ernest Arbuthnot, Central Bombing School, Lahore, 20 Feb - 4 Mar 1917. Archives 1989-02-190
Sick horse report, 14 May 1891; report on Pte Payne's horse, said to be 'off feed. not fit for duty this day'; associated with the Shropshire Yeomanry Cavalry. Archives 1985-06-5
Ten letters written by Pte T Reader, 2nd Bn East Surrey Regiment to a friend in Holloway during service in India and Egypt, 1884-1885; associated with the 1st Sudan War (1884-1885). Archives 1985-06-6
Leaflet: 'The Weak can be made STRONG', by M Field, 1901 (c); religious tract based on the experiences of Col Sir John Field, Bombay Pioneers, Abyssinia (1867-1868). Archives 1985-06-7
Each Doing His Country's Work Naval Brigade Highlander Lancer 1899-1900. Commemorative creamware plate, 1900 (c)-1901 (c); manufacturer unknown, 1900 (c)-1901 (c); cream coloured plate with floral swags around rim, to centre a plaque with flags with a highlander and a lancer either side, surmounted by figures and a cannon; inscribed as title; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902). Ceramics 2003-11-54
Papers of Sgt H D Bunyan and Capt Kenneth Frederick Stott, Royal Artillery, 1950-1953; collected by Sgt John H Whitehouse. Archives 1989-02-196
Order, FM Sir Claude John Eyre Auchinleck, Indian Army, collected by Lt Col John Mildmay Ricketts, 1967. Archives 1989-02-197
Letter of Lt Gen Sir John Moore, 28th (The North Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot, associated with Lt Col Lord Robert Kerr, 8 Jan 1805. Archives 1989-02-198
Letter of FM Sir William Maynard Gomm, 19 Jun 1815; associated with Napoleonic Wars, Waterloo, 1815. Archives 1989-02-199
Papers collected by Lt Col Herbert Leslie Allsopp, 7th Bn Northamptonshire Home Guard, 1922-1945, Home Front, World War Two (1939-1945).Comprising his commission as 2/Lt TA General List, 18 Nov 1922; loose leaf binder comprising lists of personnel, transport, proficiency test results, requisitioned premises, rifles, ammunition and other information; collection of duplicated orders relating to the immobilization of factories in Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire and Northamptonshire in the event of a German invasion, October 1941 - September 1942; Eastern Command Operations Instruction No 4, 13 Jul 1942; collection of duplicated papers relating to Home Guard training courses; five sketch maps; correspondence; military identity card; two nominal rolls; two letters; War Ofice Orders; leaflet; Operation Instructions. Archives 1989-02-200
Papers of Gen Sir Reginald Byng Stephens, 2nd Bn Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own), 1879-1919. Archives 1989-02-201
Housewife, 1815 (c); belonged to Capt Newton Chambers, 1st Foot Guards, Aides-De-Camp to Lt Gen Sir Thomas Picton, GCB, killed at the Battle of Waterloo, 18 Jun 1815; handmade of pale green silk with cream silk lining, red felt used for single compartments; handwritten on sewn in label, 'N. Chambers', sewn into silk of main compartment body, 'Chambers', sewn into separate sample piece, 'Newton Ch'; associated with Battle of Waterloo, Napoleonic Wars (1815). Equipment, general 2003-11-42
Two identical leather cases, nd; belonged to 'Lloyd'; cases are the size of an average book and slim; privately purchased with stud fastening; there is a metal clasp at the back of each case, possibly to allow the equipment to be hung from a saddle; underneath the flap of each is inscribed the name, 'Lloyd'. Equipment, general 2003-11-43
Miniature sextant, 1918; with case; manufactured by Stanley of London, dated 1918, sold out of service; printed on the face of the sextant, 'Stanley, London/ No. 3770 [broad arrow]/ 1918'; printed on the front of case, 'Stanley, London/ No 3770/ 1918/ [sold out of service mark]'; on front of leather case, 'D. Mason & Sons Ltd/ Birmingham/ 1918/ [broad arrow]'; associated with World War One (1914-1918). Scientific Instruments 2003-11-44
From The Members Of The Mess El Obeid Station Sudan 1st June 1910. Oval silver plate tray presented to Col Geere, 1910; made by the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company Limited, no hallmark, 1910 (c); with gadrooned rim; inscribed verso, 'Goldsmiths &/ Silversmiths Company Ltd/ 112. Regent Street W/ Regent Plate'. Silver 2003-11-55
Pair of earrings made from George IV shilling pieces, 1950 (c); possibly made by REME; made from silver coins of the 1825-1827 pattern with silver clip-on clasp attached to the back of one and broken from the back of the other; with faint inscription on the back of the earring retaining the clasp, 'Georgius IV Dei.'. Crafts 2003-11-56
Booklet in Urdu: 'Hoshyar! Yih DAYAN hai jo tumhen kat khane ke lie bechain phirti hai', published by Medical Directorate, October 1945; warns of the dangers of malaria, and how to avoid contact with the malaria mosquito; associated with the Indian Army. Archives 1985-06-8
Miniature clinometer, circular and shallow in shape, 1911; fits in the palm of the hand; of the type used in aircraft; manufactured by Short and Mason Limited; with leather case and strap; sold out of service; printed on front of clinometer, 'Short & Mason Ltd/ London/ 1911/ V/ [broad arrow]/ No 5991'; on back of clinometer, 'No. 5991/ [sold out of service mark]'; printed on leather case, 'W. Jenkinson & Co/ V/ 1911/ [broad arrow]', printed on back of case, '4'. Scientific Instruments 2003-11-45
Memoir written by F E Boone (b 1920), Auxiliary Territorial Service, World War Two, Home Front (1939-1945), 1939-1982. Archives 1985-06-9
Notebook: 'Experiments for War Office to Hide Guns 1905', compiled by Joseph William Lovibond during camouflage experiments for the War Office, 17-24 Jul 1905. Archives 1985-06-10
Smiths Empire wrist watch, 1960 (c)-1966 (c); belonged to Dennis Franklin, and worn when he was a National Serviceman in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps; watch was purchased in Lagos, Nigeria for 30/- on the way by troopship to the Cameroons in 1961; the strap is Army issue at the time; clock face reads, 'Smiths/ Empire/ Shockproof/ 5 Jewels'. Scientific Instruments 2003-11-46
Papers collected by Lt Col William Tyrwhitt Drake (d 1848), Royal Horse Guards, 1802-1821. Archives 1985-06-33
Ledger: 'Record of Services Territorial Force', printed by Henry Good and Son, Jan 1909; with index for recording the service and personal details of territorial soldiers. Archives 1985-06-163
Two forms: 'Railway Concession Vouchers for Journies Home', printed by M and C Limited, March 1954 and Army Form B.295, printed by K and H Limited, September 1950. Archives 1985-06-164
French fighting knife, 1914 (c)-1918 (c); with wooden hilt, steel crossguard and double edged blade; the sheath is made of steel and has a steel belt loop at the back; stamped on the blade, 'Le Vengeur/ De 1870' and '76'; stamped on the crossguard, 'B'; associated with Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871) and World War One (1914-1918). Edged Weapons 2003-11-47
Ross bayonet Mk II, with leather scabbard and integrated leather frog, 1915; manufactured by Ross Rifle Company, Quebec, Canada, December 1915; stamped on pommel, '[broad arrow in a circle', '11', '[crown]/ 4', '12/15', 'Ross Rifle.../ Pattent [sic]...'; stamped on grip, '[crown]/ 4/ [crown]/ 4'; associated with World War One (1914-1918). Edged Weapons 2003-11-48
Papers associated with Lt Col James McConville (b 1880), Royal Signals, World War One, Mesopotamia (1914-1918), 1917-1969. Archives 1985-06-165
Certificate of service, Army Form B.108 issued to John Fitzgerald (b 1918), Royal Engineers, World War Two, Middle East (1939-1945), 1946. Archives 1985-06-166
Pamphlet: 'Armstice Day SUNDAY 11th NOVEMBER 1928 Order of Proceedings AT THE ROYAL EXCHANGE LONDON TROOPS MEMORIAL in Commemoration of the Armistice signed on 11th November 1918 and in Memory of Officers and Men of His Majesty's Forces who lost their lives in The Great War 1914-1918', 1928; associated with London Territorial Units, World War One (1914-1918). Archives 1985-06-167
Manuscript letter, 1900 (c)-1930 (c); written by an unknown source from The Manor House Blechingley to Miss Hyacinth Wellesley; the letter was to accompany an embroidered purse and housewife utility pouch, informing her that they belonged to her great-great-uncle, Capt Newton Chambers, Aide-De-Camp to Sir Thomas Picton, both died at Waterloo; associated with the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleonic Wars (1815). Archives 2003-11-49
Maps, 1908-1918; used by Arthur Maurice Woodward (1883-1973), Intelligence Officer, 26th Division, World War One, Salonika (1914-1918). Maps 1985-06-170
Two silk escaping maps of Europe, 1944; owned by John H Money, Special Operations Executive, 1944 (c), World War Two (1939-1945). Maps 1985-06-171
Officer's white metal helmet with gilt metal plume holder, gilt metal plate and velvet lined gilt metal chin chain with a set of gilt rosettes and horsehair plume; associated with the Royal Artillery, 1854 (c); believed to be a trial pattern. Uniforms 2003-11-50
Orders: 'Southern Command Orders', 1939-1955; associated with the British Army and Southern Command, World War Two, Home Front (1939-1945). Archives 1985-07-5
History: 'THE HISTORY of THE BRITISH BATTALION (MALAYAN CAMPAIGN of 1941-42', by Chye Kooi Loong, 1984; associated with World War Two, Far East (1941-1945). Archives 1985-07-6
Army Signalling Scribbling Notebook (AB 119C), used by Lt and Adj Arthur Murray Pirie, 21st Lancers during the 2nd Sudan War (1896-1898), 31 Jul 1898-8 Sept 1898. Archives 1985-07-7
Officer's waistbelt clasp, Scinde Irregular Cavalry, 1850 (c); possibly made in India; mounted in silver on a damascus steel rectangular plate with truncated corners the monogrammed letters, 'SIC' within a triple border of inlaid silver beading; reverse is steel with horizontal hook and vertical slider fitting. Badges 2003-11-51
Diary of Capt Thomas Arthur Cooke (b 1842), 17th Lancers, 25 Feb 1879 to 17 Jan 1880; associated with the Zulu War (1879). Archives 1985-07-8
Ross bayonet Mk II, with leather scabbard and integrated leather frog, 1915; manufactured by the Ross Rifle Company, Quebec, Canada, December 1915; stamped on pommel, '[broad arrow in a circle]', '11', '[crown]/ 4', '12/ 15', 'Ross Rifle Co/ Quebec/ Pattented [sic] 1907'; associated with World War One (1914-1918). Edged Weapons 2003-11-52
Pattern books of two Sheffield knife makers, T Turner and Co and William Harry Wragg, 1890-1930. Archives 1985-07-9
Ledger, 1764-1769; associated with Thomas Fisher (d 1768), 10th Dragoons. Archives 1985-07-19
Ledger, 1762-1771; associated with Thomas Fisher (d 1768), 10th Dragoons. Archives 1985-07-20
Letterbook, 1844; contains copies of letters received by the Commander of the Troops at Chatham, Col Sir Thomas Willshire, Bart KCB, British Army. Archives 1985-07-21
Issues 1 to 4 of the newspaper: 'THE RED CIRCLE GAZETTE', 16 Oct 1945 to 14 Dec 1945; printed by Meinders and Elstermann; associated with the C Sqn 1st Regiment Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, British Army of the Rhine. Archives 1985-07-47
Order book: 'RICHMOND FORESTER YEOMANRY CAVALRY TROOP D', 23 May 1819-27 Sept 1827; associated with the Richmond Forester Yeomanry Cavalry. Archives 1985-07-48
Passport of Edward Essex (b 1847), Gordon Highlanders, 1873. Archives 1985-07-49
Photocopies of papers associated with the service of Christopher Dudley Miller (b 1903), 51st Middle East Commando, World War Two, Middle East (1939-1945), April 1941-May 1941. Archives 1985-07-50
Memoirs written by Charles Baker, Royal Navy, in Malaya, 9 Dec 1941-8 Mar 1942; associated with World War Two, Far East (1941-1945). Archives 1985-07-51
Letters written by Lt H Lee Ellis to 'Peggy', his wife or girlfriend, 6 Feb 1916 to 11 Nov 1918; associated with 11th Bn Yorkshire Regiment and 16th Bn Sherwood Foresters, World War One, Western Front, POW's and Peace (1914-1918). Archives 1985-07-69
Poem: 'Lines Written to the Memory of the Officers Non Commissioned Officers and Men of the KOYLI who lost their lives in the Shinkamar Pass January 29th 1898', by Pte J Radford, 1898 (c); associated with India, NW Frontier, Tirah Expeditionary Force. Archives 1985-07-70
Copies of four letters written by Frederic Hugh Page Creswell (1866-1948), 1st Regiment Imperial Light Horse, during the Siege of Ladysmith to his sister May, 23 Oct 1899 to 18 May 1900; associated with the Siege of Ladysmith, Boer War (1899-1902). Archives 1985-07-71
Memoir by Sir Samuel James Browne (1824-1901), 1858-1890 (c); associated with the 2nd Punjab Cavalry, Indian Mutiny (1857-1859). Archives 1985-07-72
Letter from 'Fred' to 'Arthur', Ladysmith, 2 May 1900; associated with Cavalry, Boer War (1899-1902). Archives 1985-07-74
Letter from Sgt William Spratt, 2nd Bn The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) to his mother, 1900; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902). Archives 1985-07-75
Notebook: 'Equiation and Vetinary Notes Equitation School Saugor 1/11/31-14/5/32 Lieut W P T Roberts RA 13th Medium Battery RA ', by William Paul Temple Roberts (b 1907), 1931-1932; associated with the Royal Artillery. Archives 1985-08-5
Report: 'CONFIDENTIAL REPORTS ABSTRACTS 1862'; associated with the British Army 1862. Archives 1985-08-7
Diary of 2963 L/Cpl W A Pye, Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment), 1899-1900; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902). Archives 1985-09-7
Photograph of Irish Regimental Colours, Windsor Castle, 1922. Photographs 1950-10-27
Photograph, Royal Irish Regiment, World War One, Egypt and Palestine (1914-1918), 1916 (c). Photographs 1950-10-28
Photograph, West African Forces, 3rd Ashanti War (1895-1896), 1900-1936. Photographs 1950-11-4
Photograph of 44th Bengal Infantry officers and other ranks in different orders of dress, 1882 (c). Photographs 1950-11-25
Photograph of the presentation of statuette of Sandhurst Cadet to US Military Academy by Maj Gen Maxwell D Taylor, 1950 (c); associated with Gen Maxwell D Taylor, US Military Academy and RMA Sandhurst. Photographs 1950-11-52
French Gras bayonet, M1874, 1880 (c); made in St Etienne, France, February 1880; stamped on the back of the blade, 'Mre d'Armes de St Etienne Fevrier 1880'; stamped on the crosspiece, '2 24008'. Edged Weapons 2003-11-53
Pattern 1874 French Gras bayonet, M1874 and metal scabbard; manufactured in St Etienne, France in August 1877; stamped on the back of the blade, 'Mre d'Armes de St Etienne Aout 1877'; stamped on the crosspiece, '90124'. Edged Weapons 2003-11-57
British knuckle knife, with alloy hilt and four knuckles, nd; privately and used possibly during World War One (1914-1918); stamped on the blade, 'Robert Kelly/ & Sons/ Liverpool'; stamped on the other side of the blade, 'Sheffield/ Make'. Equipment, general 2003-11-58
Irish knife bayonet for FN CAL (Carbine Automatique Legere) carbine and black plastic scabbard, 1975 (c); stamped on blade, '01-79350'. Edged Weapons 2003-11-59
USA machete and leather sheath, 1943; manufactured by True Temper, USA; stamped on blade, 'U.S./ True Temper/ TT-18-8./ -1943-'; associated with World War Two (1939-1945). Edged Weapons 2003-11-60
British Army issue machete No 2 and jungle green webbing sheath, 1985; stamped on blade, '120-9242/ 1985', '[broad arrow]'; stamped on other side of blade, 'Martindale/ Birmingham/ Made In/ England/ [crocodile logo]/ Registered/ No 2'; stamped on back of sheath, 'M.W. & S. 1986/ 120-9243/ [broad arrow]'. Edged Weapons 2003-11-61
USA machete, 1943; owned by Maj W S Gimber, King's African Rifles during World War Two; the leather sheath is of Canadian manufacture; stamped on blade, 'Legitimus/ Collins/ No 1250/ 1943'; stamped on sheath, 'Robco Ltd/ Montreal/ 1944'; associated with World War Two (1939-1945). Edged Weapons 2003-11-62
Notebook: 'RECORDINGS MADE DAY BY DAY OF VESSELS ARRIVING AT DOVER DURING THE EVACUATION FROM DUNKIRK MAY/ JUNE 1940', by Capt J W Walker, 1940; associated with the Evacuation from Dunkirk, World War Two, North West Europe (1939-1940). Archives 1985-09-9
Diary of John Michael Gregson Halsted (b 1920), C Sqn, Queen's Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards), 1941-1942; associated with Wolrd War Two, Middle East (1939-1945). Archives 1985-09-10