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# Description Object Type NAM Accession Number
101 Collection of miniature medals and ribbon bar worn by Capt L L Bright, Suffolk Regiment and Egyptian Army, 1914 (c)-1922 (c). Medals 1994-09-44
102 Album of 103 items and 4 pages with captions; includes colour photographs, commercial postcards and ephemera; taken and collected by Pte Bernard James Williamson, 5(V) Bn The Royal Anglican Regiment, while on exercise in Gibraltar 1983. Photographs 1990-08-62
103 Album of 71 items and four pages with captions; includes colour photographs, commerical postcards and ephemera taken and collected by Pte Bernard James Williamson, 5th Bn Royal Anglian Regiment, 1st (Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire), while on exercise in Gibraltar, 1983. Photographs 1990-08-63
104 'Great British Regiments', Set No 0241 of 3000, a set of 52 cap badges and 52 sterling silver medals produced by the Birmingham Mint to commemorate 52 extinct or amalgamated British Regiments, 1975; contained in mahogany presentation case. Badges 1993-02-61
105 Photograph album of 155 photographs, 1900 (c)-1901, compiled by Lt A W White, 5th Bombay Light Infantry; associated with Suffolk Regiment and India.Ninth of 21 albums, totalling 4,081 photographs, compiled by Capt A W White and Maj D E White mainly in Britain, the Middle East and India 1895-1937. (Album dimensions: 28 x 40.5 x 3 cm). Photographs 1973-01-4-9
106 Photograph album of 228 photographs, 1900-1901 compiled by Capt A W White 5th Bombay Light Infantry; associated with 2nd Bn Suffolk Regiment and India.Twelfth of 21 albums, totalling 4,081 photographs, compiled by Capt A W White and Maj D E White mainly in Britain, the Middle East and India 1895-1937. (Album dimensions: 27.5 x 38.5 x 5 cm). Photographs 1973-01-4-12
107 Photograph album of 137 photographs collected by Lt W R Routh, 12th Regiment (probably 12th (The East Suffolk) Regiment of Foot) 1869 (c)-1871; associated with Royal Military College and India. (Album dimensions: 30 x 23 cm). Photographs 1974-10-47
108 Photograph album of 41 photographs collected by Lt W R Routh, Suffolk Regiment, 1884 (c) -1889; associated with India. (Album dimensions: 13.5 x 20 cm). Photographs 1974-10-48
109 Photograph album of 47 photographs, nd. collected by Capt W R Routh, Suffolk Regiment 1882 (c)-1900; associated with India, North West Frontier. (Album dimensions: 24 x 31 cm). Photographs 1974-10-49
110 Photograph album of 58 photographs collected by Maj W R Routh, Suffolk Regiment, 1885-1890; associated with India, Quetta and Great Britain. (Album dimensions: 25.25 x 19.5 cm). Photographs 1974-10-50
111 Photograph album of 53 photographs collected by Maj W R Routh, Suffolk Regiment 1884-1889 and 1892; associated with India, North West Frontier. (Album dimensions: 20 x 24.5 cm). Photographs 1974-10-51
112 Photograph album of 56 photographs collected by Capt W R Routh, Suffolk Regiment, 1870 (c), possibly taken by Bourne and Shepherd. (Album dimensions: 32.5 x 42 cm). Photographs 1974-10-52
113 British War Medal 1914-20, awarded to Pte W Coote, Suffolk Regiment; associated with World War One (1914-1918). Medals 1994-08-18
114 2nd Afghan War Medal 1878-80 awarded to Cpl W Austin, 12th (East Suffolk) Regiment; associated with 2nd Afghan War (1878-1880). Medals 1994-10-81
115 Photograph album of 64 photographs probably compiled by an officer of the Royal Fusiliers, 1910 (c)-1914; associated with French Army, German Army, Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment), Durham Light Infantry, Loyal Suffolk Hussars (Imperial Yeomanry), Chinese Army and World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). (Album dimensions: 44.5 x 33 x 4 cm). Photographs 1976-05-65
116 Service documents belonging to Cpl Mary Etheldreda Scott Graham, Auxiliary Territorial Service and Royal Army Service Corps; associated with World War Two (1939-1945). Archives 2004-12-34
117 Allied Victory Medal 1914-19 awarded to Capt F B Willmott, 3rd (Reserve) Bn, Suffolk Regiment; associated with World War One (1914-1918). Medals 1990-09-110
118 Binoculars, Galilean, Mk IV, nd; belonged to Percy Charles Tabor, 11th (Suffolk) Regiment of Foot and 47th Division, World War One, Western Front (1914-1918). Scientific Instruments 2005-02-11
119 Medal group awarded to Cpl F Garwood, 1st Bn Suffolk Regiment and Metropolitan Police: Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1902, 2 clasps: Transvaal, South Africa 1902; Metropolitan Police Coronation Medal, 1911; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902) and the Coronation of King George V (1911). Medals 1991-02-102
120 Thirty seven photographs and postcards relating to the service of Sgt Maj Maurice Edward Balham, 1st Bn Suffolk Regiment, 1930 (c)-1949 (c); associated with Iraq Revolt, World War Two, Middle East (1940-1943) 1941 and D-Day, World War Two, North West Europe (1944-1945). Archives 2005-04-31
121 List of ex-officers: SYQM/ Lists of all known/ ex Officers of/ pre-1961 amalgamating/ Regts (Prepared 1962), 1962. Archives 1984-11-140
122 Collection of 31 items, including one waistbelt clasp and 30 badges; associated with Suffolk Regiment. Badges 1970-12-170
123 A collection of 159 badges, mainly shoulder titles; associated with Territorials. Badges 1970-04-48
124 13 items including two cap badges, four collar badges, one slouch hat badge and six buttons. Badges 1973-06-2
125 Officer's pugri badge associated with Suffolk Regiment, 1898 (c). Badges 1983-05-75
126 Four Bills, 1830 and 1839 and five printed Parliamentary Papers 1807-1849 relating to soldiers pensions. Archives 1982-11-42
127 Officer's shako plate, 63rd (West Suffolk) Regiment of Foot, 1855-1861. Badges 1983-10-195
128 Officer's shoulder belt plate, 63rd (West Suffolk) Regiment of Foot, 1833 (c). Badges 1984-06-20
129 Bound manuscript order book, compiled for an officer in the 2nd Garrison Battalion, 19 Jun 1815 - 29 Oct 1816. Archives 1981-11-25
130 Six official Army photographs of British troops engaged in anti-terrorist operations against EOKA (National Organisation of Cypriot Fighters) in Cyprus, 1959 (c); associated with Cyprus (1954-1959). Photographs 2005-09-185
131 Twenty four waistbelt clasps, various units, 1855-1970. Badges 1985-01-44
132 Printed programme for Inauguration Parade of The 1st East Anglian Regiment, Iserlohn, Germany, 19 Sep 1959. Archives 1977-05-4-2
133 Manuscript letter written by John Vardin, 86th Regiment of Foot, to his sister while stationed at Laveleta (sic) Malta, 30 Apr 1802; associated with the Napoleonic Wars (1795-1802) Archives 1976-06-16
134 Officer's shako, ball tuft and three sashes associated with 12th (or the East Suffolk) Regiment of Foot, 1829-1844; made by Oliphant's, Cockspur Street, London, 1830 (c). Uniforms 1993-07-219
135 Two photographs of Lt Col Archibald Cubitt, Suffolk Regiment, 1902 (c). Photographs 1970-11-14
136 One hundred and forty five photographs of the British Army, 1971-1981; associated with recruit training, exercises in Britain, Europe, North America, South East Asia and Caribbean. Photographs 1983-08-79
137 A photograph of Lt Col C C R Murphy, Suffolk Regiment in staff uniform, 1910 (c). Photographs 1972-05-12
138 Photograph of Suffolk Regiment storming a Kopje near Colesberg, a posed scene for a bioscope card, 1899; associated with the Boer War (1899-1902). Photographs 1972-06-8
139 Fifty photographs taken by an officer of the Suffolk Regiment; associated with portraits, groups, artillery, trenches, transport and a balloon, 1900 (c).Associated with the Boer War (1899-1902). Photographs 1974-10-41
140 Five group photographs, Suffolk Regiment, 1873 (c)-1890. Photographs 1974-10-56
141 Twenty eight photographs collected by Lt Col W R Routh, Suffolk Regiment, 1898 (c). Photographs 1974-10-57
142 Group photograph taken by P Damant, 26 Mersea Road, Colchester; showing Pioneers, 1st Suffolk Regiment, Colchester, 1904. Photographs 1974-10-144
143 Collection of manuscript documents relating to the sale and purchase of commissions, 1784-1790. Archives 1975-12-122
144 Printed shoulder title, The Suffolk Regiment, sealed pattern, 1943. Badges 1994-11-207
145 Embroidered shoulder title, Suffolk and Cambridge Regiment, nd; sealed pattern, 1961. Badges 1995-01-238
146 Keffiyeh worn by Capt L L Bright, Egyptian Army, 1918 (c); associated with Suffolk Regiment; associated with World War One, Egypt and Palestine (1914-1918). Uniforms 1994-10-4
147 Forage cap button, Suffolk Regiment, 1895 (c). Badges 1994-12-199
148 Two buttons, 358 (Suffolk Yeomanry) Medium Regiment Royal Artillery, nd; standard pattern, sealed pattern, 1957. Badges 1992-07-174
149 Button of the Suffolk Regiment, 1903 (c)-1904 (c); associated with Col Guy Hamilton Russell. Badges 1995-08-59
150 Shoulder title, Suffolk Regiment, 1944 (c); from the collection of Miss J I Cave. Badges 1995-10-246
151 Button, officers', mess dress, Suffolk Regiment, 1898 (c). Badges 1995-11-361
152 Two shoulder titles, slip on, Suffolk Regiment, 1945 (c); one embroidered and one printed. Badges 1990-06-327
153 Collar badge, officer, Royal Anglian Regiments, nd; sealed pattern, 1979. Badges 1995-12-124
154 Cap badge, officers', service dress, Suffolk Regiment, 1940 (c). Badges 1988-04-5
155 Two colour transparencies of watercolours by Thomas Baines, 8th Cape Frontier War (1850-1853), October 1851. Photographs 1976-07-17
156 Photograph of a group, 2nd Bn the Suffolk Regiment, Aldershot, 1888. Photographs 1976-11-68
157 Cap badge, other ranks', Suffolk Yeomanry (The Duke of York's Own Loyal Suffolk Hussars) (TA), 1953, sealed pattern, 1953. Badges 1989-02-122
158 Cap badge, The Suffolk Regiment, 1940 (c). From the Burma Campaign Collection of R Moffatt. Badges 1989-04-117-104
159 Eight photographs collected by Lt Col F W Scudamore commanding 3rd Bn Suffolk Regiment, 1900 (c). Photographs 1977-12-14
160 Loincloth worn by Fred Mody, A Coy 5th Bn Suffolk Regiment, nd; Mr Mody was taken prisoner by the Japanese in Singapore, 15 Feb 1942; this was the only item of clothing issued to him while working on the Burma-Siam railway, 1942-1945; associated with World War Two, Far East (1941-1945). Uniforms 2006-11-72
161 Button, Suffolk Regiment, 1926, sealed pattern, 1926. Badges 1991-12-10
162 Button, cap, Suffolk Regiment, 1955, sealed pattern, 1955. Badges 1991-12-1
163 Collection of certificates, various regiments, 1930 (c); published by Gale and Polden Limited, 1930 (c). Prints 1986-11-22
164 Button, officers', Suffolk Regiment, 1902-1952. Badges 1992-05-233
165 Button, The Suffolk and Cambridgeshire Regiment (TA), standard pattern, 1962; sealed pattern, 1962. Badges 1992-05-107
166 Button, cap, other ranks', East Anglian Brigade, standard pattern, 1963; sealed pattern, 1963. Badges 1992-02-167
167 Badge, embroidered, Suffolk Regiment, embroidered by a convalescing soldier at Newlands Corner Hospital, 1914 (c)-1918. Badges 1991-08-147
168 Ninety cap badges, other ranks', Line Infantry Regiments, 1858, sealed pattern, 1858. Badges 1985-11-11
169 53 bound diaries, 1873 to 1928, and a manuscript letter book, 1876 to 1879; used by Col W R Routh, Suffolk Regiment. Archives 1974-10-60
170 Helmet and tunic, Suffolk Regiment, 1912 (c). Uniforms 1963-09-585
171 Coatee and button, 12th (The East Suffolk) Regiment of Foot and Hampshire Militia, 1850 (c). Uniforms 1964-12-16
172 Two cap badges, Suffolk Regiment, 1902-1959. Badges 1985-10-60
173 Tunic, frock and forage cap, 4th (Cambridge University) Volunteer Bn, Suffolk Regiment, 1899 (c). Uniforms 1979-06-180
174 Tunic, other ranks' or non-commissioned officers', full dress, 4th (Cambridge University) Volunteer Bn (late 2nd Cambridgeshire) Suffolk Regiment, 1895 (c). Uniforms 1979-12-69
175 Mess jacket and mess vest, Volunteer Bn possibly 2nd Volunteer Bn (Late 6th Suffolk), Suffolk Regiment, possibly worn by Maj E C Robinson, 1898 (c). Uniforms 1981-01-64
176 Six uniform items, Suffolk Regiment 4th (Cambridge University) Volunteer Bn, worn by Sgt A Wilkin, 1895 (c). Uniforms 1981-12-47
177 Tunic, officers', full dress, 63rd (West Suffolk) Regiment of Foot, 1856-1894. Uniforms 1986-02-64
178 Tailors drawings of shako plates of the 1844-1855 pattern and belt plates of the 1840-1855 pattern; each sheet shows the shako and shoulder belt plate of the same regiment. Archives 1971-12-12
179 Tunic, Suffolk Regiment, nd. Uniforms 1959-11-24
180 Tunic and mess jacket, Suffolk Regiment, worn by Maj L F d' Arch Smith and Maj H d' Arch Smith, 1902-1905. Uniforms 1960-11-51
181 Seventy two photographs of the Secunderabad Camp of Exercise, 1890. Photographs 1963-11-59
182 Small paper bound manuscript notebook: A Memorial of the facts which brought on the fatal duel between Col Hervey Aston of the 12th Foot and Majs Picton and Allen of the same Regiment, transmitted from Madras by authority, Fort St George, December 1797. Archives 1968-07-147
183 Forage cap, field service, Suffolk Regiment, 1883-1893. Uniforms 1959-12-64
184 Pair of shoulder scales, officers' below field officer, 12th (The East Suffolk) Regiment of Foot, 1846 (c). Uniforms 1963-05-74
185 Thirty equipment and badge items, various regiments, 1820-1910 (c). Badges 1963-06-62
186 Fifty six cloth samples, various regiments, 1890 (c)-1920 (c). Uniforms 1963-09-45
187 Fourteen uniform and equipment items, Suffolk Regiment, 1912 (c). Uniforms 1963-09-586
188 One hundred and two fringe, lace and round cord samples, drummers', Universal pattern, 1860, sealed pattern, 1860. Uniforms 1963-12-167
189 Discharge Certificate to Pte John Stapleton, 63rd Regiment of Foot, 1784. Archives 1962-08-18
190 Typescript transcripts of officers and men of 1st Bn 12th Regiment of Foot awarded the New Zealand Medal in 1870, for service in the Maori Wars 1860-1866, and lists of non-effective officers and men in 1870 who claimed the medal under GO 17 of 1869; associated with the 2nd and 3rd Maori Wars (1860-1872). Archives 1976-05-78
191 Helmet, cloth, other ranks' and non-commissioned officers', Suffolk Regiment 4th (Cambridge University) Volunteer Bn, 1890 (c). Uniforms 1982-11-132
192 Mess vest sections, various regiments, 1895-1922, sealed pattern, 1895, 1901, 1905, 1906, 1909, 1922. Uniforms 1985-01-46
193 Pair of hose tops and a lanyard, Suffolk Regiment, 1957, sealed pattern, 1957. Uniforms 1985-06-16
194 Bugle cord, Royal Anglian Regiment (1st Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire Bn), worn by L/Cpl M Davis, 1985. Equipment, uniform 1986-09-46
195 CD of digital photographs of the 1st Royal Anglian Regiment practising firefighting at Pirbright as part of its training for Operation FRESCO, which was the contingency plan for a national firefighters' strike, 10 Oct 2002. One of 96 CDs of photographs of the British Army on active service, training and engaged in sports, 2001-2005. [May contain RESTRICTED material]. Photographs 2007-10-8-37
196 Lithograph by and after D Alexander, 1828; published by James Del Vecchio, 1828; associated with the 51st Foot, 64th Foot and the 63rd Foot. Prints 1973-08-27
197 Crests and Badges of the British Army II. Twenty eight silk prints published by BDV Cigarettes, 1914. Crafts 1990-04-154
198 Tunic, Suffolk Regiment, 4th (Cambridge University) Volunteer Bn (Late 2nd Cambridgeshire), 1901 (c). Uniforms 1962-10-112
199 Colour photolithographs after Charles C Stadden, 1984; published by Stamp Publicity Limited, 1985 (c). Prints 1986-03-86
200 Goblet, 1882; silver-plated, no details, 1882 (c); associated with 2nd Suffolk Regiment and Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians). Silver 1956-02-811