Black Asian British Army

Equality and diversity are issues for many British soldiers today. Britain's army has represented one of the world's most diverse workforces, relying on black and Asian soldiers in peace and in adversity. Fighting for and with Britain, their stories are often forgotten or untold. This website brings together those stories and experiences to reveal a new history of our Army. But that history is still incomplete. Your own stories or those of families and friends who have served in the Army, can help to complete it.

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Celebrity Photograph

Andy McNab, Special Forces soldier: "Throughout modern history, Black and Asian soldiers have represented Britain and fought for common causes. During the First and Second World Wars young men and women from all over the Commonwealth came together with the strong belief and faith in the motherland. I believe it is vital that this significant contribution is recognised as part of the rich tapestry of multi-cultural Britain. I look forward to hearing about the experiences of Black and Asian soldiers and hope that many people will be able to learn and understand more about this under-publicised part of British history."

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