War & Sikhs

The Sikh community has been long established in Britain. But did you know that Sikh soldiers have won ten Victoria Crosses, or that nearly 200,000 were killed or wounded fighting for the Allies during the two World Wars?

The National Army Museum is therefore very excited to be working with the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail (ASHT) to examine some of the many ways in which Sikhs have contributed to the rich military heritage of Britain and India. The ASHT is a UK-wide voluntary organisation that works to promote Anglo-Sikh heritage. With their help we will be recruiting a number of Sikh volunteers to help us explore the Museum’s remarkable collections.

These collections are rich in images and artefacts associated with Sikh history and we want to know more about them and what they mean to Anglo-Sikh communities. With the help of our volunteers we hope to bring the Sikh military story to life and re-interpret our objects for new audiences. Along the way we also want to gather stories that shed more light on the Sikh contribution to our military heritage. Who knows what we might discover?

If you are a member of the British Sikh community and you would like to get involved, or if you simply have stories that you would like to share, get in touch!

Look out for project updates in our Director General’s Blog.

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