Marengo was an Arab horse with a light grey coat, standing just over 14 hands high. Purchased by Napoleon Bonaparte after the Battle of Aboukir in 1799, he was named after the French victory at Marengo in 1800. Marengo was notable for the French cavalry charge led by General Francois Étienne de Kellermann which routed the Austrians.

Marengo, the favourite charger of Napoleon I, c1815

‘Marengo, the favourite charger of Napoleon I’, c1815
Soft-ground etching, by and after James Ward
NAM. 1963-09-89-2

Marengo was captured after the Battle of Waterloo and brought to England. After his death in 1831 Marengo’s remains were preserved. His skeleton can now be seen in the Changing the World gallery at the National Army Museum. Another of Napoleon’s Arab horses, Le Vizir, is preserved in the Hotel Des Invalides in Paris.

Facts & figures

  • Dates: born Egypt 1794; died England 1832
  • Description: light grey Arab, 14 hands high
  • Served with: Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)
  • Served in: Napoleonic Wars 1803-15; Battle of Waterloo 1815
Marengo’s skeleton

Marengo’s skeleton
NAM. 1963-09-89-1

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