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Useful Books

Last updated: 3 June 2011

The following publications provide useful information on a range of topics, from researching soldiers' records to military art and photography.

Soldiers' records

Lineage Book of British Land Forces 1660-1978

J B M Frederick

Microform Academic Publishers, 1984, ISBN 1851170073

Regiments and Corps of the British Army

Ian S Hallows

Arms and Armour Press, 1991, ISBN 1858912377

The Victorian Army at Home

Allan Ramsey Skelley

Croom Helm, 1977, ISBN 0856643351

A Register of the Regiments and Corps of the British Army

Arthur Swinson

Archive Press, 1972, ISBN 0855910003

The British Army Handbook, 1914-1918

Andrew Rawson

Sutton Publishing, 2006, ISBN 0750937459

The World War One Sourcebook

Peter J Haythornthwaite

Arms and Armour Press, 2004, ISBN 1854093517

Army Records: A Guide for Family Historians

William Spencer

National Archives, 2008, ISBN 1905615108

Family History in the Wars: How Your Ancestors Served Their Country

William Spencer

National Archives, 2007, ISBN 1903365953

A Bibliography of Regimental Histories of the British Army

A S White

(Also available on CD-ROM as Armies of the Crown.)

London Stamp Exchange, 1988, ISBN 1847341322

Regiments: Regiments and Corps of the British Empire and Commonwealth 1758-1993: A Critical Bibliography of Their Published Histories

Roger Perkins

(Also available on CD-ROM as Armies of the Crown.)

Newton Abbott, 1994, ISBN 0950642932

The AMOT Guide to Military Museums

Army Museums Ogilby Trust

Millennium Publishing, 2007, ISBN 1903942616

A Guide to Military Museums and Other Places of Military Interest

Terence and Shirley Wise

9th edition, Imperial Press, 1999, ISBN 1856740307

Researching family history

A Guide to the Regiments and Corps of the British Army

J M Brereton

London, 1985, ISBN 0370305787

The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Army

David Chandler

Oxford, 1994, ISBN 0198691785

Handbook of British Regiments

Christopher Chant

London, 1988, ISBN 0415002419

Lineage Book of British Land Forces 1660-1978

J B M Frederick

Wakefield, 1984, ISBN 185117009X

The Victorian Army at Home

Allan Ramsey Skelley

London, 1977, ISBN 0856643351

In Search of Army Ancestry

Gerald Hamilton-Edwards

Phillimore and Co, London, 1977, ISBN 0850332877

Tracing Your Family History - Army

Imperial War Museum, London, 1999, ISBN 1901623351

Soldiers of the East India Company and the Indian Army

Soldiers of the Raj, The Indian Army, 1600-1947

A J Guy & P B Boyden

London, 1997, ISBN 0901721352

The Military in British India: The Development of British Land Forces in South Asia, 1600-1947

T A Heathcote

Manchester & New York, 1995, ISBN 0719035708

Fidelity and Honour, The Indian Army from the 17th to the 21st Century

S L Menezes

New Delhi, 1993, ISBN 0670839957

The Indian Army

B Mollo

Poole, 1981, ISBN 0713710748

British military art

Index to British Military Costume Prints 1500-1914

Army Museums Ogilby Trust, 1972, ISBN 095022510X

Prints of British Military Operation. A Catalogue Raisonné...from the Norman Conquest to the campaign in Abyssinia

Lt-Col C de W Crookshank

Adlard & Son 1921, ISBN

Military Drawings and Paintings in the Royal Collection

A E Haswell Miller & N P Dawnay

Phaidon, 1970 (2 vols), ISBN 0714813834

British Artists and War. The Face of Battle in Paintings and Prints, 1700-1914

Peter Harrington

Greenhill Books, 1993, ISBN 1853671576

Images of the Army. The Military in British Art 1815-1914

J M W Hichberger

Manchester University Press, 1988, ISBN 0719025753

Realism and Politics in Victorian Art of the Crimean War

Matthew Paul Lalumia

UMI Research Press, 1984, ISBN 0835714993

The War Illustrators

Pat Hodgson

Osprey, 1977, ISBN 0850450799

Lady Butler, Battle Artist

Paul Usherwood and Jenny Spencer-Smith

Alan Sutton & National Army Museum, 1987, ISBN 0862993555

Artists and Illustrators of the Anglo-Boer War

Ryno Greenwall

Fernwood Press, 1994, ISBN 0958315426

Early British military photography

The British Army from Old Photographs from the National Army Museum

Boris Mollo

Dent and Sons, 1975, ISBN 0460021869

Early War Photographs

Pat Hodgson

Osprey, 1974, ISBN 085045221X

The Army in India, 1850-1914. A Photographic Record

Hutchinson of London with the National Army Museum, 1968, ISBN 0090889207

All the Mighty World: The Photographs of Roger Fenton 1852-1860

G Baldwin

Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2004, ISBN 0300104901

Impressed by Light. British Photography from Paper Negatives, 1840-1860

Roger Taylor

Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2007, ISBN 0300124058

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