200 Objects of Waterloo

Eagle standard of the French 105th Regiment captured at Waterloo. Copyright National Army Museum.
Discover the stories behind Waterloo through 200 objects from across Europe.

Waterloo Timeline

The Plumb Pudding in Danger. Copyright National Portrait Gallery.
Why did the Battle of Waterloo happen? Understand this turning point in history with our timeline of 9 key years, from 1789 to 1848.
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Waterloo Descendants

Discover if your ancestor fought at the Battle of Waterloo. Working in partnership with Find My Past.

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New Competition Launched with Hungry for History

Students and teachers sign up with Timeline 200, a new competition to mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo.

Ride of the Lions

Ride with the New Waterloo Dispatch

Sign up to Ride with the Lions alongside the historic New Waterloo Dispatch.

Stratfield Saye. Copyright Stratfield Saye Preservation Trust.

Wellington's House: A Look Inside Stratfield Saye

Guest article from the Duke of Wellington, exploring the splendid mansion given to his ancestor after Waterloo.