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Christmas Is Cancelled!

Christmas Is Cancelled!

Last updated: 9 December 2013

Family Event

7 December 2013 - 8 December 2013

Did you know in 1647 Christmas was almost cancelled? Visit the Museum as we travel back in time to the English Civil Wars! The King is captive but plotting, and the Long Parliament is trying to cancel Christmas!

Tickets are not required for this event.
Activities are free and suitable for all ages.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.


It’s Christmas Eve, 1647. The Civil War is over (for now), but King Charles is on the loose, the Rump Parliament is in session, and the New Model Army is in charge.

Not everyone is happy. Government authorities have banned both the religious and the secular celebration of Christmas, but the ban is not popular. Protesters put up decorations, shut shops, play football, eat, drink, dance and sing in defiance of the regulations; but when officialdom and the soldiers move in, fights break out.

Which side will you be on?

Follow the sounds of merrymaking, or preaching, to make your choice; or just join the Christmas chaos at...

Fitte ye Firste - 11 o’clock, Upper Foyer

Wherein the Lawful and Godly Instrument of Parliament proclaims the late Abolition of Daies superstitiously Used and Observed.

Fitte ye Seconde - 12 o’clock, Lower Foyer

Wherein the Champions of Merry-making and Misrule undertake the Playing of Sports and Pastimes.

Fitte ye Thirde - 2 o’clock, Upper Foyer

Wherein the Lawful and Godly Instrument of Parliament refute the Old Romish Revellers and insist the Shops remain open, and the Markets be full.

Fitte ye Fourthe - 3 o’clock, Lower Foyer

Wherein the Champions of Merrymaking and Misrule oppose the Prozelytes of Mad Rule, to perform merry gambols, dances and carols.


Carolann Smith-Dorrien
28 November 2013, 1.01pm

This sounds exciting! Am much

This sounds exciting! Am much looking forward to bringing my son and grandson to Christmas is Cancelled.

Paul Morley
29 November 2013, 6.53pm

About time, too. I'm glad

About time, too. I'm glad somebody has, at last, had the nerve to do it. Presumably, this is just a local pilot programme before the government rolls it out nationally.

Judith Nicholls
1 December 2013, 6.25pm

Sounds good. Will be there

Sounds good. Will be there with my husband for what sounds like a good day out at Christmas is Cancelled. Will suit my husband right down to the ground!

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  • Admission: Free