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World Wars Celebrity Speaker Day

World Wars Celebrity Speaker Day

Last updated: 20 November 2012

Richard Overy, Peter Caddick-Adams, Gordon Corrigan, Ian Beckett and Robert Lyman

17 November 2012, 10.30am - 5.30pm

Were the First and Second World Wars one giant global struggle?

The World Wars define the 20th century. As historians begin to question the accuracy of looking at the World Wars as two distinct and separate conflicts we bring together authors and historians to discuss the issues surrounding this global struggle.


  • Gordon Corrigan
    'A War of Two Halves - and Why the Germans Lost'
  • Peter Caddick-Adams
    'Attrition Versus Manoeuvre in the Two World Wars'
  • Ian Beckett
    'The World Wars As Total Wars'
  • Robert Lyman
    'Some Perspectives on Leadership in WW2 in the Far East'
  • Richard Overy
    'The Imperative of Air Power: From Zeppelins to Hiroshima'

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R.P. Brockman
31 October 2012, 11.48am

Putting aside the Japanese

Putting aside the Japanese war, yes I agree with this premise . The defeat of the Prussian militarists (without whom the Nazis would have had little power) was key to any hope of security for Europe or incidentally, eventual freedom for Germany itself. That took over 30 years, with changing combinations of strategies, weapons and allies. But not least, bitter lessons learned and two generations of canon fodder, who otherwise were decent young men with lives to lead better things to do.

Steve Dempsey
15 November 2012, 7.53pm

Hoping to read about Malaya

Hoping to read about Malaya which I served on ative service

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