• 10.00am - 5.30pm
  • FREE
  • Chelsea, London
National Army Museum
  • 10.00am - 5.30pm
  • FREE
  • Chelsea, London

Society gallery

The entrance to society gallery

The entrance to society gallery

Explore the Army's impact on our customs, technologies and values.


First Floor Upper Level

Wheelchair access:
Via the main lift

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Society gallery examines how the Army has affected everyday life in Britain.

The Army is a cultural as well as a military force with a considerable impact on our customs, values, technologies and choices - from the toys and music we create to the way we vote.

Neon signs in soldier gallery
Visitors looking at the fashion wall in society gallery

What is our relationship with the Army? 

Investigate the impact on the English language with our Army words wall. Listen to some tunes on the Hit Parade jukebox to see how the Army has inspired popular culture.

Discover some of the ways we have benefitted from army innovation, through objects like Florence Nightingale’s lamp and a set of facial prosthetics.

Two children interact with the poppy wall
Explore the Army's impact on British traditions like remembrance.
Display showcasing military medical innovations
Discover pioneering medical innovations and their impact on civilian life.
The Humber 'Pig' truck
Explore attitudes to the Army's presence on the streets.
Display showing how the Army and conflict are portrayed and viewed by society
Explore changing views of the Army and its involvement in conflict.
Wheelbarrow Mk VIIa, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, 1983
Find out how the Army has inspired technological breakthroughs.

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