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From the Sea, Freedom: The Falklands Conflict, 1982 (Battlefield Walk)

Moored fishing boat, Falkland Islands

An outstanding opportunity ahead of the 40th anniversary of the Falklands conflict to experience the atmosphere and re-creation of events on the ground in the company of three distinguished veterans of the war.

Led by historian Rear Admiral Dr Chris Parry, accompanied by Lieutenant General Cedric Delves KBE DSO and Colonel John Crosland CBE MC, you will cover San Carlos, Teal Inlet, Sussex Mountain, Darwin, Goose Green, Wireless Ridge, and Mount Kent.

It will start in London in December 2020 with a series of presentations by those who were closely involved, dealing with the Commanders’ view (General Sir Michael Rose and Major General Julian Thompson), the air and maritime campaigns (Rear Admiral Dr Chris Parry) and the contribution of Special Forces (Cedric Delves and Danny West). 

We will meet at Mount Pleasant airport on Saturday 20 November 2021. After settling at the world-famous Malvina Hotel, you will hear about the history of the Falkland Islands and the First World War battle of the Falklands from Rear Admiral Dr Chris Parry, as well as taking a stroll along the edge of Stanley harbour where the battle started.

Man with Land Rover, Falkland Islands

The following day, there will be a quick orientation brief to explain the details of the terrain and main features of the land campaign the geographic features associated with the conflict, as well as the northern and southern axes of attack. We will drive across East Falkland along the northern axis (via Estancia and Teal Inlet) to San Carlos Water, the scene of the amphibious landings on 21 May 1982 and the subsequent defence of the anchorage for the next three weeks in the face of intense Argentinian air attack.

From Sussex Mountain, we will see the major features on the ground, while hearing from Chris Parry about the coordination and logistics of the complex landing operation and how the maritime and air aspects of the campaign set the conditions for success on land. Cedric Delves will outline Special Forces operations up to that point and he and Chris Parry will outline the circumstances and thinking behind the breakout from the landing area, along a northern and southern axis, towards Stanley. We will then return to Stanley and take in 2 Para’s night approach to Darwin before the battle of Goose Green.
On Monday, we will drive to Darwin and Goose Green, where Chris Parry will set the scene by describing the various political pressures and circumstances that led to the decision to attack Goose Green. Colonel John Crosland will then describe the initial choices available to commanders and the subsequent plan that emerged. We will walk the ground of the battlefield and John will describe in detail the main topographical features and the associated combat that led to the victory. We will conclude by having a ‘smoko’ with local people and hear about recollections form those who lived there in 1982. We will return to Stanley via Fitzroy where Chris will describe why and how two logistics support ships and the embarked Welsh Guards came to be bombed in broad daylight.

Seal and penguin on the beach, Falkland Islands

Tuesday will find us on the ground covering the series of battles that took place in the mountains to the west of Port Stanley and which determined the final collapse of Argentinian resistance. We will drive to Mount Kent to gain the best view of the terrain overall and hear a presentation by Chris on the tactical challenges of defeating without the benefit of surprise a more numerous enemy in well prepared positions and supported by artillery and mortars. Cedric will discuss Special Forces contributions to the final battles and Chris will cover the air and sea operations taking place at the same time. Our team will also describe the battles of Mount Longdon and Tumbledown and John Crosland will explain 2 Para’s tactical battle on Wireless Ridge. We will then return to the Malvina hotel for dinner and an evening discussing the various aspects of what has been seen and described over the past few days. 

Wednesday will find us flying to Bleaker Island, via FIGAS (Falkland Islands Government Air Service). We will be hosted by Nick Rendell and his wife on their working farm. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the multitude of wildlife located close to the settlement. We will return to the Malvina Hotel, with a view of relaxing on Friday and enjoying the delights of Stanley.

The tour will finish on Saturday 27 November 2021.

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