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  • Date: 25 April 1915 - 9 January 1916
  • Location: Gallipoli Peninsula (in modern-day Turkey)
  • Campaign: First World War (1914-18)
  • Combatants: An alliance of the British Empire and France against the Ottoman Empire, Germany and Austria-Hungary
  • Protagonists: General Sir Ian Hamilton; General Otto Liman von Sanders, Colonel Mustafa Kemal (later called Atatürk)
  • Outcome: Turkish victory


Karlis Osis
11 November 2014, 1.52pm

My great uncle Lance Corporal

My great uncle Lance Corporal 16391 James Henry Clarke was killed in this campaign Friday 6th August 1915 aged 20 years. Such a sad loss for a brainless Churchill campaign which was doomed from the start to fail.

28 February 2013, 9.10pm

The great perseverance and

The great perseverance and genius of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had a lot to do with the victory of the Turks in the land wars.

Tulin Alpkaya
28 February 2013, 3.36pm

It was war of independence

It was war of independence for Turkiye.

4 February 2013, 9.07am

THis was an interesting war

THis was an interesting war for Churchill and it cahnged the history of Russia and Ottoman Empire...

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