The art of persuasion: Wartime posters by Abram Games

Opens 6 April 2019

The art of persuasion: Wartime posters by Abram Games

This major exhibition explores the life and legacy of the iconic designer Abram Games, focusing on his time as 'Official War Poster Artist' during the Second World War.

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The Relief of the Light Brigade, 25th October 1854

Horses in war


Until 9 June 2019

Call in the Cavalry

From flamboyant uniforms to fast horses, this exhibition looks at the shared heritage between the Hungarian and British hussars.

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Horse power in the First World War

The Army could not have functioned without its hard-working horses helping to carry and pull supplies, ammunition, artillery and even the wounded.

Stories & Events


Explore more stories and events that reveal the vital roles horses have played in supporting soldiers both on and off the battlefield.

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Female soldiers of 2nd Battalion The Royal Highland Fusiliers, Royal Regiment of Scotland, Helmand Province, 2011



A timeline of women in the Army

Since 2018, all British Army combat roles have been open to women soldiers. However, the history of women's service in the Army stretches much further back in time.

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Stories & Events

Women and the Army

Explore more stories and events that reveal the ever-changing nature of women's service in the Army.

‘The German offensive. British guns going forward’, 1918

First World War


First World War in Focus

Discover the national and global impact of the First World War and hear the stories of men and women whose lives were affected by the conflict.

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Second Lieutenant Noel Evans

A collection of letters and photographs reveals the story of 19-year-old Second Lieutenant Noel Evans and the tragic timing of his death on the morning the Armistice was signed.


Peace and commemoration

After the Armistice in November 1918, millions of soldiers hoped to be home soon. But demobilisation was a huge task. How best to mark the victory and commemorate the fallen was also hotly debated.

Drill sergeant interactive in Soldier gallery

Fun for families


Ten family favourites

Go on an adventure through our galleries to find fascinating objects, surprising stories and interactive fun. Make the most of your visit with this selection of family favourite experiences.

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Play Base

Play Base is an immersive experience for children aged 8 or under, offering a variety of fun and engaging activities. Take on the assault course, climb aboard a truck or prepare scoff in the cookhouse.

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