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  • Date: 22-25 April 1951
  • Location: South Korea
  • Campaign: Korean War (1950-53)
  • Combatants: United Nations (UN) against North Korea and China
  • Protagonists: Major Henry Huth, Colonel James Carne, Brigadier Tom Brodie; General Peng Dehuai
  • Outcome: Chinese offensive to capture Seoul halted, leading ultimately to UN-brokered ceasefire


james riding
4 February 2014, 1.18pm

My Brother George who fought

My Brother George who fought through the ww11 France, Africa, & Italy, being a regular he was posted to the Royal Ulster Rifles, because the length of service was extended to serve in Korea. He was killed on the Injim River, his grave has never been found. I'm still very grieved and annoyed he having to serve in a war we should never fought. 2014 still hurts.

Glyn May
2 February 2014, 10.55pm

My B in Law, 22309836 Ray

My B in Law, 22309836 Ray Probert fought with C Troop, 70Battery R Artillery at Imjin River. (deceased now.)

margaret calamatta
21 December 2013, 2.23pm

My dad was one of the

My dad was one of the glorious glosters and has the American Citation for the Imjin river battle. Thankfully he returned.

Philip Gutteridge
16 August 2013, 9.52pm

My father was with Z company

My father was with Z company Northumberland Fusiliers during the battle at the Imjin. He was wounded on April 25th and was evacuated to Kure in Japan to recover. He passed away on 16th August 1997 but never forgot his time in Korea.

linda canning-lewis
14 August 2013, 7.51pm

my uncle frank canning from

my uncle frank canning from mohill in county leitrim took part in the battle. my mother had a cutting from an irish paper. i don't know his unit i always assumed he was with an english unit until i watched the bbc film online. i know that he joined the army in iniskillen before ww2 and lied about his age.

Linda Hall
15 May 2013, 12.35pm

My Father was in the Glosters

My Father was in the Glosters on attachment to the RUR. Mercifully he returned. Sadly, many of his mates didn't. These were and are brave men, both regulars and National Service conscripts like my dad. Dad is nearly 82 years old now and is only just opening up about what happened to him and friends whilst in Korea. I don't ask him too much as it still has the ability to bring tears to his eyes when he thinks about it. I'm very proud of my Father and the men and women like him, past, present and future. We must remember them.

7 February 2013, 8.01pm

An amazing action fought in

An amazing action fought in the forgotten war, sadly only remembered these days through the TV series M*A*S*H*. Bravery and determination taken to its limits. We will remember Them.

Kate Allen
3 February 2013, 2.43pm

My dad was one of the

My dad was one of the survivors from the Royal Ulster Rifles.
He would have said - Lest We Forget -
I say At the going down of the sun
And in the morning
We will remember Them.

roger jones
3 February 2013, 1.12pm

heavily outnumbered these men

heavily outnumbered these men fought to the death for pride of county and country. It was their job as British soldiers. Their courage and honour in doing their duty has never been surpassed, and sums up the British fighting man. Their homes and country were not under threat, far from home, they did it because that was their duty as British soldiers.

Norman Davies
3 February 2013, 1.08pm

The decisive battle in the

The decisive battle in the Korean War. A war that prevented World War three and possible nuclear. A battle that was fought in WW1 conditions and against overwhelming odds. I was there.

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