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Matilda Rogers
24 January 2011, 3.04pm

As he founded the NAM.

As he founded the NAM.

Anthony Morris
7 September 2011, 12.15am

General Templer brought about

General Templer brought about a unique art of warfare to Malaya in early 1950s. It combined a vigorous "take the fight to the enemy" and a gentle winning "the heart and mind" of the people. He won admirably.
Even, today, military strategists and generals fail to learn from this man. That to win a modern war, you have to win both the frontline war and the home war, (both locally and back home). The home war is crucial as the press can easily boost or dip the morale of both fronts.

Patricia Scharf
3 June 2012, 1.22am

British Army History is one

British Army History is one of my favourite subjects .. I was born in the Military Hospital Aldershot 28th Oct. 1929.. The day Wall street crashed .. Life begins at 82

Patricia Scharf
3 June 2012, 1.31am

Sir Gerald Templer .. Was, is

Sir Gerald Templer .. Was, is and always will be a hero ... P. Scharf .

Azrie Tamjis
19 July 2012, 4.48pm

Tun Templer (Tun is a

Tun Templer (Tun is a designation placed by Malaysian royalties) made a significant contribution to our country and founded a unique military school, Royal Military College, for Malaysian boys which is also my alma mater.

31 August 2013, 4.18pm

If I am not mistaken, he is

If I am not mistaken, he is the only strategist who won a war against communists in guerrilla warfare. He didn't even have to pour massive troops into the jungle.

Mike Griffin
11 December 2013, 8.04pm

My Father-in-Law Mr Peter

My Father-in-Law Mr Peter Tufft was a Private in the 1st Battalion Ox & Bucks in WW2 and was Geral Templars Driver right through the period from the Normandy landings to the end of the war and the War Crimes Tribunal in Berlin. Now 90 years of age like many who served he says very little about his service life but is very proud of the fact that after all these years he receives a payment every xmas from his old unit.

19 April 2014, 5.45pm

I served in the Irish Guards

I served in the Irish Guards for 29 years. I went to the recruiting office in Belfast in 1962 with the intention of joining the Inniskilling Fusiliers, I was however persuaded by a convincing RSM John Kenny to enlist into the Irish Guards. During my time as a WO1 at our Regimental Headquarters in Wellington Barracks, SW1 I had the great honour to meet the Field Marshal on a couple of occasions. The Field Marshal was totally charming and we had a good chat; he reminded me in every way of another great Irish Field Marshal, the one of Tunis! Quis Separabit

John Burton
20 May 2014, 7.35pm

My father was Field Marshall

My father was Field Marshall Sir Gerald Templer's driver when he was vice chief of the Imperial General Staff from 1948 until his demob in the 50s, my brother was named after him. Sad to say my father died today 2mths short of his 88th birthday.

Gerald c w Heng Sr.
12 December 2014, 9.19am

Greetings ! as a young school

Greetings ! as a young school boy of an English School named after the Sultan Yussuf of Perak State Malaya from 1948 to 1958 the legendary story of Field Marshall Sir Gerald Templer of Great Britain made a tremendous impact on school going children like us including the 9th King (Agong) Sultan Azlan Shah who attended his Father's School SYS Batu Gajah ! It's alll because Sir Gerald Templer made a quick military success of extermination of jungle guerilla fighters of the Communist Insurgencies in the Malayan Peninsular and the Straits Setttlements of Melaka, Georgetown Penang and Singapore ! Sir Gerald did it in only two years, in Vietnam the Americans and French were in for over fifty years + fighting the Communists and lost ! The Lesson Raison Etre of Sir Gerald 's success wasn't learnt, he has had two fronts going equally well, the military front of rooting out the insurgents and the home base political front of winning the hearts, minds and souls of the Malayan multiracial people of the diaspora from east south west and north Asia because he promised Malayan Independence from Whitehall Britain after the Communists were eliminated, it was not just a military victory, but a media and political victory ! To this day the elected Governments of Malaysia and Singapore are much indebted to Sir Gerald Templer the Smiling Tiger of Malaya for what they are today the Economic Tigers of ASEAN countries there ! And I got the honor to have his first English name Gerald !
Gerald c w Heng Sr.
WWII baby now of Washington DC USA.

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