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Conflicts of InterestConflicts of Interest

From Northern Ireland and the Falklands to Iraq and Afghanistan, Conflicts of Interest explores over 40 years of conflict, examining the role of the British Army across the globe and the impact being a serviceman or woman has on home life.

The Art Fund Prize 2010

Conflicts of Interest: long listed for the Art Fund Prize 2010

This major new redisplay of the National Army Museum's Modern Army Gallery focuses on key international conflicts as well as debating domestic issues and questions relating to the modern military. The exhibition includes personal accounts from servicemen and women and civilians, alongside exclusive images and objects from the Museum's Collection.

The exhibition's Afghanistan area sheds light on the intensity of the recent fighting and the British Army's long history in the region. Incorporating recent and historic images of Afghanistan, first-hand accounts from servicemen and women and news footage of the war, the area explores the reasons behind British engagement and the outcomes so far. The exhibition also contrasts the Gulf War and the Iraq conflict; with chemical warfare kit and a painting by war artist John Keane; highlighting the threats faced by forces during the 1990-91 conflict. The zone dedicated to the recent Iraq conflict includes a portrait of Saddam Hussein previously displayed in Basra airport.

The space devoted to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo explores varying levels of British military engagement during the 1990s - looking at the Army both as UN peace-keeping force, and when engaged in full conflict under NATO. The exhibition includes newly displayed images depicting the aftermath of fighting in Kosovo along with accounts of the operations. Exclusive material is on view in the Sierra Leone zone, including interviews with senior British officers serving on the ground.

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