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Last updated: 8 April 2014

The Kids’ Zone is an interactive play area with forest and arctic themed climbing frames for kids to scale, slide and run through.

The Kids’ Zone explores aspects of army life from camping to clothing. It includes dedicated soft-play space for babies, plus arts and crafts, dressing-up costumes, books, interactive toys and panels.

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The Museum canvassed and incorporated the innovative ideas and suggestions of parents, carers and our youngest users, to create an exciting space for kids aged 0-8 to learn, explore and play in a historically inspired, colourful environment.

At the heart of the Kids’ Zone are the six key principles of Early Years Foundation Stages, ensuring that children are learning whilst having fun.

There are fascinating objects from the Museum’s Collection on display inside, with interactive models for children to touch and explore. The space allows kids to move, interact and create in a bright and safe environment.

Please take the time to read our Kids' Zone Rules which apply to all users of the Kids' Zone, including birthday parties.


The Kids' Zone is open daily from 10.10am to 5.15pm. There are six, one-hour sessions per day. All sessions are ticketed to ensure children have room to run, draw and play freely.

You can book your tickets online up to eight days in advance. You can also check our online booking system to see if a session has spaces remaining. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

All tickets are available online and only unsold tickets will be available from the Museum's Welcome Desk before each session. Please check availability on our online booking system before making your journey.

Session timetable

  • 10.10am - 11.10am
  • 11.20am - 12.20pm
  • 12.30pm - 1.30pm
  • 1.45pm - 2.45pm
  • 3.00pm - 4.00pm
  • 4.15pm - 5.15pm

Admission prices

  • FREE - Under 6 months old
  • £2.50* (per child) - 6 months old and over

Further ticketing information is available on our Kids Zone FAQs page.

*Credit card charges may apply.

Kids' Zone closures
Date Time
Saturday 12 April 2014 11.20am to 12.20pm
Saturday 12 April 2014 3.00pm to 4.00pm
Sunday 13 April 2014 11.20am to 12.20pm
Sunday 13 April 2014 3.00pm to 4.00pm

The above closures are for booked birthday parties or scheduled maintenance. The Museum apologises for any inconvenience.

Our Visitor Services team needs to carry out health and safety checks before and after each closure, so there may be a few minutes difference in these timings.


12 January 2011, 8.31pm

looking forward to my vist

looking forward to my vist this sataday finn

26 February 2011, 10.24am

Amazing. We were in London

Amazing. We were in London for 10 days and did all the touristy kids things: the zoo, the aquarium, Princess Diana's Park, Gabado, the Battersea children's zoo etc. and on our last day when the kids were asked which one they wanted to go back to it was unanimous... The National Army museum! =) They LOVE the "solidier's can be cooks" play station with all the toy food, and the wooden rocking horses were a huge success as well. We had to go early and stand in the rain to make sure we got in to a time slot, but it was worth it to be somewhere that wasn't over crowded and where I could actually relax and let them play freely knowing they were in a secure area! Keep up the great work!

27 May 2011, 10.01pm

Amazing place for kids to hv

Amazing place for kids to hv fun. I took my 1 year old boy once there last week and we both liked it a lot. So we r arranging to go regularly there and meet with friends and other kids. It's very safe and clean area.

25 August 2011, 8.13am

Absolutley fantastic place,

Absolutley fantastic place, it is a shame the first session is so busy we couldn't get into it despite arriving very early, but can see it is hard for you to do anything other than 1st come 1st served - meaning people like me with two at 10 months and a 3 year old will never get in. The old soft play had a great loo and changing area it is a REAL shame you don't have this now.
Please could you pout some coloured balls in the baby area there is is not really much fun for under 1s unless you have toys they can hold.
The Children love it - thank you.

23 September 2011, 2.41pm

We were regulars at the old

We were regulars at the old Kids Zone and love the new one, especially the new waterfall and the re-furbished rocking horses. More than enough to keep everyone happy and busy for the whole session. Good value for money, very clean and well-organised. Cafe is great too although a bit more choice of 'treat' would be good. (Or maybe mine are the only kids in the world who don't like raisins!) My tip would be to avoid the first session as it is always packed!

Camilla Chalmers
10 October 2011, 10.29am

Great party venue - the

Great party venue - the children slept very well afterwards!

19 December 2011, 9.21am

We love inviting friends to

We love inviting friends to meet us in the Play zone, there is so much for them to do in a small and controlled room. Running through the activities, hide and seek, slides, building cubby houses, and quiet moments like playing chef in the pretend kitchen, colouring in, train set, rocking is a very good balance. They need more of these places in London! Suzanne, Mia and Tasha

6 January 2012, 1.23pm

We love the kid zone, but are

We love the kid zone, but are sad to say that securing a ticket for your child is impossible unless you visit in person that morning. If you live outside of the area and wish to visit in the afternoon you have to arrive first thing in the morning to get a ticket. Even with a few hours to spare in the afternoon, arriving at 1.30pm is too late for all the afternoon sessions. It would be fairer if places for each session are only opened in the hour prior to the session beginning.

D Hay
10 March 2012, 9.58am

Really great fun for kids.

Really great fun for kids. Terrible ticketing system - why can't you just book online? Or is this just for the chelsea dwellers?

3 April 2012, 9.43am

Just great!!!!!!!

Just great!!!!!!!

24 April 2012, 11.36am

I really love the new play

I really love the new play area, both my boys enjoy it and I can relax knowing they are safe.
Unfortunately it is now very difficult to get a place as all the places sell out in the morning, which is great for people who live nearby and are able to pop in to secure their ticket for the afternoon, but impossible for those further away. The old session of opening the places an hour before each session was much fairer and gives everyone a chance. Or if not how about allowing to book in advance by phone or online?

Tina Iacurci-Hussey
2 July 2012, 7.07pm

Fantastic place and concept.

Fantastic place and concept. Value for money and better than any other soft play we have been too. Clean and friendly staff. Will most definitely be back.....

Simone and Ella
8 October 2012, 8.39pm

My 21 month old daughter and

My 21 month old daughter and I visited today and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I could tell there were a lot of people there from the number of buggies parked up but it never felt that busy. We had a wonderful time and would definitely recommend it. It's amazingly clean, well maintained, the climbing/soft play levels were fantastic - Ella was so excited and I was very happy to be able to climb around and join in without making it seem overcrowded for any other little ones. The two ladies I met who were supervising were really friendly and sweet, my only regret was that I was everywhere and couldn't stop to talk much!
Thank you for creating this play space, it's always a bonus to find somewhere safe, clean, friendly, fun and educational and I would guess that £2.50 is just a small contribution to how much it costs to run this place in London.

21 December 2012, 9.03pm

My 4 year old would

My 4 year old would absolutely love this place. It's next on our schedule along with the Crime Museum

9 January 2013, 12.31pm

Love the kids zone at the

Love the kids zone at the army museum but so sad all the flexibility has gone. You have book so far in advance now for the early slots, and then if baby sick or change in plans cant go. Please please reintroduce some flexibility! Thanks

12 February 2013, 3.59pm

A great day out for little

A great day out for little ones. So difficult to book tickets through the new online booking system though. It's impossible to plan weekends that far in advance. Please make some tickets available at the door as well.

Jovan Johnson
20 February 2013, 4.39pm

looking forward to visiting

looking forward to visiting the museum and kids zone this saturday - will be such a surprise for my girls - cant wait hehehe

George sharpe
22 July 2013, 8.23am


ABSOULOUTLY FANTASTIC !!!!!! me and my family loved it . i have a 10 year old son and a 6 year old daughter . we live in coldchester and we go there monthly . as i say ABSOULOUTLY FANTASTIC !!!!!

George sharpe
22 July 2013, 8.30am



31 October 2013, 8.51pm



23 November 2013, 7.03pm

Excellent space and very easy

Excellent space and very easy to book online. The rest of the museum is also great for kids with lots of life like soldiers, weapons and some dressing up, our 4 and 6 year old really enjoyed the visit. The museum is well laid out and has informative displays well worth the trip.

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