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8th King's Royal Irish Hussars

Last updated: 1 July 2014

Cap badge, 8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars, c1900Cap badge, 8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars, c1900
NAM. 1955-05-5-15


This regiment was raised in 1693 as a dragoon unit from Protestants living in Ireland. This was only two years after the decisive Jacobite defeat at Aughrim so the new regiment remained in Ireland until 1704, when it was posted to Portugal and Spain. It remained there until its capture at Brihuega in 1710.

It was soon involved in a prisoner exchange and returned to Ireland, where it temporarily disbanded from April 1714 until July 1715, when the First Jacobite Rebellion triggered its re-formation. The regiment fought against both Jacobite Rebellions, but otherwise remained on policing duties in Ireland from 1715 right up until 1794, when it was posted to the Low Countries. The regiment was designated light dragoons in 1775 and gained the ‘King’s’ prefix two years later.

The French Revolutionary Wars saw the regiment garrisoning the Cape of Good Hope from 1796 onwards and sending a detachment to join Abercrombie’s force in Egypt in 1801. That year also saw it sail to India, where it stayed for 22 years, fighting in the Maratha Wars as well as campaigning in Nepal and against Meer Khan.

In 1823, just after getting back to Britain, it was renamed and re-equipped as hussars, keeping order in England and Ireland for the next 30 years. It fought against the Russians at Silistra on the Danube, en route to the main theatre of the Crimean War (1854-56). There it served at the Alma and the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade. The charge was led by the Earl of Cardigan, who had been an officer in the 8th Hussars from 1824 to 1830.

Only 154 of the regiment returned from the Crimea in 1856, but they were in Ireland for less than a year before being dispatched to deal with the Indian Mutiny (1857-59). One of the regiment’s squadrons fought at Gwalior, where four of its members won the Victoria Cross and a fifth killed the Rani of Jhansi.

Men of the 8th Hussars brewing tea in front of their Centurion tank in Korea, 20 December 1950Men of the 8th Hussars brewing tea in front of their Centurion tank in Korea, 20 December 1950
NAM. 1981-11-36-8

It then formed part of India’s garrison until 1864 and again from 1878 to 1889, guarding lines of communication between Kabul and Peshawar during the Second Afghan War (1878-80) and fighting against the Shinwarrie tribe. One of its officers during this period was John French, later famous for his generalship during the First World War. It spent the rest of the 19th century in England and Ireland, from where it sailed to the Boer War in 1900. Another term in India followed from 1909 to 1914.

It spent the First World War on the Western Front and made its last mounted charge in 1917. In 1919 it was posted to the new nation of Iraq and to Germany in 1926, before moving to Egypt from 1933 to 1939. Except for a period peacekeeping in Palestine, it remained there until the outbreak of the Second World War, by which time it had switched to armoured cars then to light tanks. Service in North Africa, Greece and Italy followed. The regiment then returned to the United Kingdom to prepare for the invasion of Europe, landing two days after D-Day and ending the war near Hamburg, before joining the occupation force.

The regiment’s final campaign was in Korea between 1950 and 1952, which included service on the Imjin River. In 1942 the regiment had temporarily merged with the 4th Queen's Own Hussars and this amalgamation was enacted again in October 1958, this time permanently, to form The Queen’s Own Royal Irish Hussars.

Key facts


  • 'Pristinae Virtutis Memores' (meaning 'Mindful of Past Courage')


  • The Crossbelts (it captured the Spanish cavalry’s belts at Almenara in 1710 and from then on the regiment was allowed to wear its sword belt over its right shoulder, not round the waist as was usual for dragoon regiments)
  • The Crossbelt Dragoons

Titles to date:

  • Henry Conyngham’s Regiment of Dragoons
  • John Pepper’s Regiment of Dragoons
  • Phineas Bowles’s Regiment of Dragoons
  • 8th Regiment of Dragoons
  • 8th Regiment of Light Dragoons
  • 8th (The King’s Royal Irish) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons
  • 8th (The King’s Royal Irish) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons (Hussars)
  • 8th (The King’s Royal Irish) Hussars
  • 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars
  • The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars
  • The Queen’s Royal Hussars (The Queen’s Own and Royal Irish)
  The Queen's Royal Hussars (The Queen's Own and Royal Irish)
  The Queen's Own Hussars
  The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars
3rd The King's Own Hussars
  7th Queen's Own Hussars
  4th Queen's Own Hussars
  8th King's Royal Irish Hussars

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Brian Goodall
2 November 2012, 5.51am

My father served with the 8th

My father served with the 8th from about 1901 to 1931. Thank you for this potted history.

Ty Hanna
10 November 2012, 4.02am

My GrandFather William James

My GrandFather William James Broadhurst served in the 8th during the Boer War 1901-1902 was with Lt Churchill at Ladysmith SA. We still have his framed colours of the 8th Hussars showing the Irish Harp and list of campaigns.

George Sleator
24 January 2013, 9.15pm

My father Tpr. Noel Sleator

My father Tpr. Noel Sleator 19011704 served with C Sqn. 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars in Korea during 1951. He served in a tank with the C Sqn designation "Carbine" under its commander Coronet Preston-Bell at the Battle of the Imjin.

Angela McPhee
4 March 2013, 9.07pm

FAO George Sleator: My

FAO George Sleator: My Grandad Bernard Rogers served in 1951 Korean War, Imjim River C Squardron, tank driver.

kenneth phillips
18 April 2013, 4.09pm

my father roderick landor

my father roderick landor phillips 8th hussars, was recalled after ww2 having been a regular (4th 7th dragoons). Sent to Korea he fought at the Imjim river and was eventually sent home suffering frostbite and shrapnel wounds to his legs.

Gail Macartney
27 October 2013, 8.14pm

My Great Grand father was in

My Great Grand father was in the 8th Hussars and my Grandfather was born in India. My Great Grandmother was called Valletta supposeadly from Greece.

Nick rees
31 December 2013, 8.06pm

Anybody has any info of a

Anybody has any info of a corporal t j pollard served between the wars 1930's. He was my grandfather.

Kevin Blackall
15 January 2014, 10.44am

I am trying to find out any

I am trying to find out any information about Mr Fredrick James Goodman, who has recently passed away at the age of 82. He served with the 8th Hussars between 1950-1952, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Blair McLean
19 February 2014, 6.19am

I wish to advise the passing

I wish to advise the passing of Lt Col David Boyall personal number 387430 who, as a Lieutentant attached to the 8th Hussars from November 1950 to December 1951 took part in the battle of Imjin River. David passed away in Sydney, Australia aged 88 after a full and varied life.

Clifford Bird
10 April 2014, 1.26pm

A good website to look at. I

A good website to look at. I hope to find records of my great uncle as his death is unknown but he was in the service at the time.

7 May 2014, 11.28am

My father was a centurion

My father was a centurion tank driver in the 8th hussars he was captured at the battle of the imjin river and kept prisoner of war, he is now deceased but I would love to hear from anyone who knew him. His name was Ben Baugh.

Madeleine Kocken
9 June 2014, 2.41am

My dad arrived in France on

My dad arrived in France on 13th June 1944 as a radio operator in a tank, pow 2 days later. Walter Bennett died 2012 aged 90 years. In Sydney, Australia. In a camp in Germany till 1945. flown back to England on a Lancaster. Was captured in Villiers Bocage. 15.6.44.

peter ball
5 September 2014, 6.34am

My G.Grandfather, James

My G.Grandfather, James Champion served with the 8th kings irish Hussars. He won the V.C. at Beejapore during the Indian uprising in 1858. After his demob in Ireland in 1873 he moved with his family to Stroud in Gloucestershire and joined the Cheltenham Royal Gloucester Hussars as their RSM for 10 years.

Robert Moore
11 November 2014, 4.53am

My Dad Trooper Robert Moore

My Dad Trooper Robert Moore 322292 was in C Squadron 8th Hussars in WW2 and in Korea, he died in 1995.

ashington george
8 December 2014, 7.47pm

I was a tank driver in c

I was a tank driver in c squadron tank name (Casanova) I was the first tank driver to cross the baily bridge over the river a very harrowing time as the pontoons went under water I had to rely on hand instructions to keep on the bridge.

Chris Hind
11 December 2014, 3.24pm

My Father Capt Tony Hind

My Father Capt Tony Hind served as a Troop Leader in A Squadron K.R.I .from 1942 - 1948 and survived the Desert and D Day. He died in 2008 aged 89 and his oldest friend and former comrade Maj Bill Bellamy (B Squadron) kindly read a eulogy at his funeral in Norfolk.

barrie caulfield
24 January 2015, 8.39pm

I served with the 8th k r I h

I served with the 8th k r I h in lunebergh germany from 1955 to 1958 and loved it. I was in A (R) squadron & would love to hear more about my regiment.
thank you

Colin McManus
5 May 2015, 12.07pm

My grandfather Pte. Thomas

My grandfather Pte. Thomas McManus served in the 8th Hussars in South Africa during the 2nd Boer War 1900 to 1902.
Awarded the Queens South Africa Medal with the Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 01 and South Africa 02 clasps

Bob Brown
13 June 2015, 10.29am

My father in the RASC kept a

My father in the RASC kept a War Diary. In Jan 1942 he describes his unit coming across two graves near Sidi Rezegh in Libya, one of which was marked "Corp. Esdale 8th Hussars Nov 22nd 1942". The other grave was empty (a truck embedded itself in it).

I just went to the Imperial War Museum recently, and their records show that two Pte. Esdales, brothers aged 25 and 23 died on Nov 22nd 1942 and are commemorated at the Alamein Memorial which means their bodies were not recovered.

Is there anybody who could help me research this further? I want to publish my Dad's diaries eventually.

Bob Brown
16 June 2015, 11.58am

Just noticed my references to

Just noticed my references to the Esdale grave(s) being marked "November 22nd 1942" should read 1941 of course. Sorry about that.

Bryan Leslie Dannatt
24 October 2015, 9.00pm

My dad served in korea as a

My dad served in korea as a centurian tank driver, he eas at the battle of the imjim and photographed with some Australian soldiers sat on his tank, and also went to lunaburg in Germany as adriving instructor until he was demobbed. His name Les Dannatt, he passed away in feb 2013, but euold like to hear from any one who served with him.

roy clark
4 November 2015, 7.16pm

l/c nobby clark 8th KRIH 1956

l/c nobby clark 8th KRIH 1956 -1959 Lunaburg Germany HQ sdn was at the amalgamation 1958 8th & 4th hussars then queens royal irish hussars

kenneth rix
22 November 2015, 4.27pm

i served with the 8 krih in

i served with the 8 krih in luneburg 1952 til 1958 thenonto hohne barracks untill 1962 when i transferred tomthe 4 rtr my trade was wireless instructor on the old 19 sets anyone remember me please get in touch ken

Stephen Kennedy
13 December 2015, 2.11pm

My Great Grandfather served

My Great Grandfather served with the 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars, ww1 Trooper D Wilson no 167768. If any one can help with my research on his service.

John Tittley
30 December 2015, 4.20pm

I served with A (R) Sqn the

I served with A (R) Sqn the 8th Hussars from January 1950, joining them at Leicester before posting to Tidworth. Joined 444 FDSqn in Korea then posted to 3 Troop, C Sqn (Gavin Murray). Later, 'persuaded' by Jimmy Marshall to be Major Huth's Sqn Clerk in Korea. Finished service in Lüneburg and posted to Northants Yeomanry 1955.

Callagan William
5 February 2016, 9.47pm

I served with the 8th from

I served with the 8th from June 1950 till Nov 1952. Was in Korea and Germany until transferred to 1st Royal Tanks and served again in Korea and Egypt..I am now 84 years and feel it. Moved to Canada in 1955 and joined the Canadian Signals.

ron parker
25 February 2016, 1.14pm

I was in R.E.M.E. attached to

I was in R.E.M.E. attached to 8 KRI in Luneburg 1956-58. I played soccer for reg when they won BAOR Cup in 57. Captain of team was Cpl Helps who was in the reg band. Also Terry Leather from Sheffield.

Trevor Dann
12 March 2016, 12.28am

My Dad, who sadly passed in

My Dad, who sadly passed in 1968 when I was just 7 and only 52 was Charles Richard 'Dick' Dann. I know he was a regular soldier in the 8th KRI Hussars when WW2 started, and he was with the regiment throughout the war as a Tank driver, then went on to serve in Korea.
I do have the war diary for his unit, but would be interested to learn of any of his adventures, or with anyone who knew or served with him.

Wayne Shaw
20 April 2016, 10.07am

My father Douglas Eric Shaw

My father Douglas Eric Shaw (DES) was so proud to have served with the regiment and served them well across the globe. He was injured many times but always returned to the front to serve with his unit. He also trained at Sandhurst including King Hussein of Jordan. We are all so very proud of him.

Tony Sigston
31 May 2016, 10.36am

Would like to contact Barry

Would like to contact Barry Caulfield my pal in A(R) squadron 1956-1958. Have been trying to contact him for years. Viva Luneberg Lil !!!!!

Tony Sigston
31 May 2016, 10.40am

I have been trying to

I have been trying to contact Barry Caulfield I was in A (R) squadron 1956-58 have been trying for years Via Luneberg Lil !!!! Please Email

barrie caulfield
26 June 2016, 8.47pm

After 58 years I have just

After 58 years I have just been in contact with Tony Sigston a good friend when we were in Luneburgh together. 56-58. This really is a special day. Thank you.

Sam J Poulton
10 September 2016, 6.31pm

My Grandfather and Great

My Grandfather and Great Uncle, Robin and Richard Anstey were both officers in 8th KRIH. Grandpa served 1944-45 joining his brother who had fought in Africa and was killed in the closing weeks of the war in Holland. Both are mentioned in Bill Bellamys book but I have no identified photos of them in the regiment. I'd love to know if anyone has any shared info of relatives who served alongside them.

Mike Youngs
13 November 2016, 2.07pm

My father Dennis Youngs

My father Dennis Youngs served in WW2 with KRIH regiment as a tank driver.He was unfortunately injured in Germany,when his tank hit a mine.Thankfully after long hospital treatment back in cornwall,he survived to become a loving caring father to my sister and I. He passed away some 6 years ago, but his legacy of humanity and love lingers on in our family. I would love to hear from anyone out there who's father or grandfather served with him.

kelly gravenor
14 December 2016, 9.06pm

Does anyone remember 'nobby'

Does anyone remember 'nobby' clarke of the 8th kings royal irish hussars in Luneburg between 1950-1958. He served in Korea at the Battle of the Imjin River and survived. Think he was in C company if anyone has any old photographs or information about him would appreciate hearing from you. Unfortunately he was killed in Luneburg on manouvers in 1958.

Cameron edwards
3 February 2017, 2.33pm

Im trying to find out if

Im trying to find out if anyone knew my granded he was part of 8th kings royal irish hussars regiment from about1954 to 1957 he has passed away and was trying to find information or anyone who knew him from his time in germany
His name was kenneth joseph edwards
Dont really know anymore information

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