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Gold watch belonging to a survivor of the sinking of the transport Birkenhead in 1852

Research Enquiries

Last updated: 4 January 2016

Making an enquiry

General enquiries can be made via our online contact form or by sending an email to

Please remember to include your postal and email address on all enquiries to allow for the prompt dispatch of material, if appropriate.

The Museum receives a large number of enquiries, so it may not be possible to respond immediately. All enquiries, in whatever form, are dealt with in the order of their receipt.

Please note: Museum staff are not permitted to give valuations. These may be obtained instead from an auction house or a specialist dealer.

Family history

The National Army Museum is not a repository for official service records. If you are researching the military career of a relative, please visit our Family History page for information about what the Museum holds and advice on additional resources available.

Collection items

Our Online Collection and Online Inventory can be used to identify which Museum objects may help you with your research.

Copy photographs of items in the Collection can be supplied, providing that copyright of the image is held by the Museum. Please visit our Picture Library for more information.

Collection loans

The Museum may lend artefacts only to Registered (or the equivalent) museums for special exhibitions, for a maximum period of a year and subject to specific Conditions of Loan.

For information about borrowing items from the Collection, please visit our Guide to Borrowing from the National Army Museum.

Collection donations

If your enquiry is regarding a potential donation to the Collection, please include within the enquiry as many details about the item as possible.

Please note: The Museum is currently closed for refurbishment, so no items can be bought to the Museum directly.

Historical research on our website

We have a range of historical resources online, including:

Information & Enquiries

Contact the General Enquiries desk: