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  • Date: 7 March - 18 July 1944
  • Location: Manipur and Nagaland States (in modern-day India)
  • Campaign: Second World War (1939-45)
  • Combatants: Britain and British India against Japan and the Indian National Army (INA)
  • Protagonists: Lieutenant-General William Slim, Lieutenant-General Geoffrey Scoones, Lieutenant-General Montagu Stopford and Colonel Hugh Richards; Lieutenant-General Renya Mutaguchi and Lieutenant-General Kotoku Sato
  • Outcome: British and British Indian victory


Ms Semine Patel
22 April 2014, 2.17pm

My dad, Jal Nanabhoy Patel

My dad, Jal Nanabhoy Patel was a captain, fresh out of the Indian Military Academy at Dehradun when he was sent to the Burma front. He was taken ill with the Kala Azad fever. He spoke of the terrible conditions in the swamps and the millions of leeches. They were all brave soldiers, each and everyone. I feel very proud of him specially when I look at the Burma Star that he was awarded.

Gareth Westacott
3 April 2014, 8.34pm


JOHN EVANS: On the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website ( ) there is reference to a Private Gwylim Meredith Evans, Army No. 14408212, of the Dorsetshire Regiment, and his name is inscribed on Face 14 of the Rangoon Memorial ( ) I don't know if this is your brother. It gives his date of death as May 4, 1944 whereas you say your brother was killed on April 19. Of course, it may be possible that he died later of his wounds. May I say how sorry I am for your loss.

Caron Crawford
11 February 2014, 9.53pm

My Grandfather, Frederick

My Grandfather, Frederick Joseph Crawford, was a Chindit in Burma for 4 years and fought in Kohima and thankfully survived and came home. He died at age 52. His stories are still very much alive in our family but the appalling conditions, snakes, leaches, no sleep, lack of food, fighting against the Japanese, including Imperial Officers who kept women and babies with them in the jungle, is incomprehensible to people of today. I would be interested to find out more about Mutaguchi and Sato who were the Generals that caused much of the troubles for our men out there. Does anyone know if Sato or Mutaguchi have published diaries?

Tony Grey
4 January 2014, 7.55pm

My dad Raymond Grey was in

My dad Raymond Grey was in The Dorsets was at Dunkirk with the BEF as well as at Kohima and recieved a wound to his leg at the battle and also was metioned in dispatches although I do not know why. He gave few insights into his experiences like so many of his generation he had a quiet dignity and shared few of his experiences even if he had I do not think I would have comprehended them.

Dad died 23 years ago I wished I had asked him more but I got the feeling such questions would not be welcomed I would always have liked to know what boat he returned from Dunkirk from as I would have liked to thank its crew or their children.

I have never held a gun as my father discouraged it as he had seen the destruction they cause he was as were many of his generation brave and sanguine to all of those ordinary combatants we all owe a debt of gratitude.

However present National leaders have not learned the lessons of the past and would again sacrifice the nations youth.

Thank you dad and to all your fellow combatants

Namejohn beer
22 December 2013, 7.42pm

I was at kohima war cemetary

I was at kohima war cemetary just aweek ago iwas moved and very saddend,mostly young boys along way from home its very peacefull there and visited by lots of local people ...when talking to the people here young and old I'm asked "have you visited the war cemetary. I shall be returning soon

Brian Lee.
19 November 2013, 4.58pm

My father Cpl George Lee RAC

My father Cpl George Lee RAC was killed at Jotsoma just a short distance from Kohima trying to relieve the Kohima garrison on April 28 1944. He is buried at the Kohima war cemetery. I have his diary with entries up till 2 days before he was killed.

Graham Shirra
17 November 2013, 10.21pm

John Try the following link

Try the following link to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
There is a slight discrepancy on date, but age and regiment match up, and parents' names are given, which should let you decide if this is your brother's memorial.

john evans
8 November 2013, 10.52pm

My brother was in the Dorsets

My brother was in the Dorsets in 1944. He was posted to Kohima in the beginning of April. On the 19 April he was killed at the age of just 19 at the battle of the tennis court. He has no known grave. PS his name was Gwilim Evans. If any one might know of a monument to him could they please let me know.

keith Collins
23 October 2013, 7.45pm

All your dads and grandads

All your dads and grandads who was in burma were brave men they all should have got a vc

Roydon Hardcastle
23 September 2013, 10.20pm

My father, Peter Hardcastle,

My father, Peter Hardcastle, of the Royal West African Frontier Force was at Imphal, but I have never been able to find out much about the circumstances. Unfortunately he died in 1978 aged only 57, so I have no further information. I have his Burma Star and a certificate from King Olav of Norway thanking him for his efforts to rid Norway of the German occupation (but I guess this was a widely distributed award). Can anyone throw any light on his service?

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