Ypres, 1917: A German Perspective

German prisoners of war captured during the Third Battle of Ypres, 1917

Dr Jonathan Boff takes a look at the German experience of the Third Battle of Ypres in this live online lecture.

In this talk, Dr Jonathan Boff will examine a battle that is often seen as one of the calvaries of the British Army: the Third Battle of Ypres, also known as Passchendaele. He will pay particular attention to the German experience of the fighting.

His analysis will help revise our ideas about the effectiveness of both the German and British armies on the Western Front during the First World War.

Dr Jonathan Boff is an expert in modern military history and a senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham. His books include 'Winning and Losing on the Western Front' (Cambridge University Press, 2012) and 'Haig’s Enemy: Crown Prince Rupprecht and the German Army on the Western Front' (Oxford University Press, March 2018). He is a member of the Council of the National Army Museum.

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"First time @NAM_London today. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought the presentation & interpretation made the subject accessible..."