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  • Date: 19-25 September 1918
  • Location: Megiddo (in modern-day Israel)
  • Campaign: First World War (1914-18)
  • Combatants: An alliance of the British Empire, France and the Hejaz Kingdom against Germany and the Ottoman Empire
  • Protagonists: General Sir Edmund Allenby; General Mustafa Kemal (later called Atatürk), General Otto Liman von Sanders
  • Outcome: Decisive Allied victory


Bill Braddock
27 June 2016, 12.25am

Just wondering if anyone can

Just wondering if anyone can help... I'm researching Ziza - in particular the Turkish commander, Ali Bey, aka Ali Fuat Cebesoy... if it's the same man, it was he who led the counter offensive at Lone Pine, Gallipoli...
I am also trying to establish the role of the 38th Fusiliers (?) - a Jewish regiment - at Ziza...
any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Bill Braddock

Paul Brown
13 February 2013, 7.11pm

All the battles in the list

All the battles in the list should be there, but one battle that always seems to be forgotten and ticks all the boxes is Towton {War of the Roses}. On a wintery day the Yorkist were out numbered but still came out on top.

1 February 2013, 1.34pm

In considering that list of

In considering that list of twenty batlles one has to think that the following four locations are (sadly) still current, or potential, flashpoints:
Musa Qala, Megiddo, Imjin River, Goose Green

Mark Bristow
1 February 2013, 1.23pm

Gets my vote - simply because

Gets my vote - simply because my Grandad fought there (2nd Battn, Leicestershire Regt, part of the 7th (Meerut) Division).

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