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John Norris
27 January 2011, 5.49am

Shone in comparison with his

Shone in comparison with his disappointing contemporaries of the Great War. Not perfect, but certainly better than 'Butcher' Haig!

George A. Webster
27 January 2011, 6.44pm

I think Mr Norris' lack of

I think Mr Norris' lack of understanding of Haig's achievement has been sufficiently exposed by several posters on the Haig listing. His resort to 'Butcher' Haig - an epithet never used in Haig's lifetime, but a favourite of the discredited 'historian' John Laffin in the 1980's - does nothing to enhance Mr Norris's lukewarm endorsement of Allenby, and merely underlines a lack of knowledge of Haig on a par with Laffin.

Pete Knight
28 January 2011, 12.34pm

Change the record Mr Norris

Change the record Mr Norris You are a bleating lonely voice with no substance to your argument. Quote some genuine academic facts which qualifies the term "Butcher Haig", so we may add something new to the Haig debate.

1 February 2011, 11.27am

For his leadership in Egypt -

For his leadership in Egypt - my grandfather was with 14 Squadron.

David Diller
2 March 2011, 1.12am

According to family lore, my

According to family lore, my grandfather, Joseph Diller was a 'personal secretary' to Allenby during the Palestine campaign. I have never been able to confirm this. I did receive a copy of a document noteing a "Joseph Diller 22 London R" receiving a "Victory TP10/10(1B3?-hard to read) Medal. ???

k mylnere
19 November 2013, 9.26pm

Not the best not the worst.

Not the best not the worst. Considering his lack of intellect and moderate academic prowess he did a better job in the mid east than many give him credit for. History may well ascribe to others more plaudits but he turned the tide of the war in the east most assuredly. A doer more than too much of a thinker, not always a bad thing in a general.

Richard Allenby Huggins
14 June 2014, 12.55pm

Never bothered to check this

Never bothered to check this out...but met an Egyptologist last night who was up on this. Dad has a bunch of letters from Gen. Allenby.... My Grandfathers mum was a marriage the generals sister?…. I now live in Miami but started to read about the old general last night (hated history as a kid in Devon) does anyone have whereabouts of a family tree..... My Late grandfather did his memoirs... Love to hear from someone.

Demitri Coryton
11 November 2014, 3.53pm

While not particularly

While not particularly distinguished on the Western Front, Allenby's campaign in the Middle East was undoubtedly a brilliant success. Megiddo in particular was a crucial victory and so crushed the Turks as to drive them out of the war. In this inter-war history of the Great War, Sir Basil Liddell Hart described Megiddo as one of the most successful battles in history. Now largely forgotten, it is well worth study combining, as it did, the British Army's last use of cavalry (in offensive horse mode) and the first decisive use of air power. K Mylnere (above) is right. He may not have been the most academically accomplished but he was a doer. Most importantly for a general, he was also a winner.

John Barton
21 January 2015, 5.00am

My father, Clifford Barton,

My father, Clifford Barton, was Mechanist Quartermaster Sergeant to No. 1 Motor Machine Gun Battery in Khartoum. He was responsible for taking the High Commissioner Sir Lee Stack and Lord and Lady Allenby over many thousands of miles of desert on their official trips. When Stack was murdered in Cairo, my father became part of the new Sudan Defence Force. His military MBE was awarded partly, I was told, for rescuing Allenby from a burning building - but I can find no record of this.

Pauline Tyrell
5 February 2016, 8.38pm

While researching I find

While researching I find 23508 Richard Stevenson RGA named as Private Secretary to and travelling everywhere with General Allenby. Listed as Missing In Action it was assumed Richard was lost; I'd very much like to confirm if Richard Stevenson did in fact hold the position of private secretary to General Allenby?

Christine Needham
23 November 2016, 4.27pm


14 June 2014, 12.55pm

You can find your Family History on Ancestry, but of course you need to subscribe to this website to view the actual details. actually gives you some brief details of the family tree without subscribing, particularly of the immediate family. It is much easier to research Landed Gentry than it is for those who are less well known. I have only been researching Allenby on behalf of a friend because she has a friend who is the son of Frederick Gray who served under General Allenby on the Somme and in Palestine. Unfortunately, Frederick is remaining something of a mystery! Hope this helps you with your research.

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