Complaints Procedure

The National Army Museum hopes that all its visitors are happy with the standard of service they receive at the Museum, but if Members of the Public are dissatisfied in any way, they are asked to raise the matter with a member of the NAM staff.

The staff are directed to try to satisfy the complainant immediately by:

  • identifying themselves;
  • listening courteously to the complaint and arriving at as full an understanding of the problem as possible;
  • courteously explaining the situation;
  • taking action to put things right - if that is appropriate and within their authority so to do;
  • if that is not possible, or if the complainant is not satisfied, calling in a more senior colleague, their line manager, ideally their Head of Department, or, in the case of the Templer Study Centre, the Duty Officer of the day, who will try to satisfy the complainant.

Whenever a complaint is made, the staff are directed to make a summary written report of it, detailing the action taken, and to bring this to the attention of their Head of Department and the Museum Management Team at the earliest possible moment.

A record of the complaint, and of any action taken, must also be passed to the Director's Personal Secretary, even if the problem has been successfully resolved. The purpose of this is to ensure that data is collected which exemplifies how the NAM deals with complaints about its services to the Public.

If a complainant is still not satisfied, he or she must be asked, please, if they wish to make a Formal Written Complaint, to be sent under confidential cover to:

The Director,
National Army Museum,
Royal Hospital Road,
London SW3 4HT

Receipt of a Formal Written Complaint will be acknowledged within 10 working days (Monday-Friday) and the matter will be looked into. Investigative procedures will be followed if the complaint is against a member of staff.

A comprehensive written reply will be made to the complainant within 30 working days (Monday-Friday) of receipt.

Janice Murray
National Army Museum

December 2010

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