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The Boer War: Winston Churchill’s Great Escape

Armoured train used during the Boer War, c1901

Dr Spencer Jones explores a young Winston Churchill’s escape from imprisonment during the Boer War.

On 15 November 1899, Boer forces ambushed a British armoured train and captured a famous passenger - 24-year-old Winston Churchill.

At the time, Churchill was working as a war correspondent for 'The Morning Post'. Having written previously for papers such as 'The Daily Telegraph', this was not his first experience working for the press.

After enduring a month as a prisoner of war, Churchill mounted a daring escape, trekking through swamps and mines, and evading the Boer police patrols.

Tracing the roots of Churchill’s international image of heroism, Dr Spencer Jones will explore his capture, his escape and the lasting impact it would have on Churchill for the rest of his life.

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About Dr Spencer Jones

Spencer Jones is Senior Lecturer in Armed Forces and War Studies at the University of Wolverhampton. He also serves as the Regimental Historian for the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

An award-winning historian, he is the author and editor of several books on the First World War. His most recent book is 'The Armchair General WW1: Can You Win the Great War?'

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