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  • 10.00am - 5.30pm
  • FREE
  • Chelsea, London

Brixmis and the Secret Cold War

'Brixmis and the Secret Cold War' book cover
Join Andrew Long and Ian Sanders as they discuss Brixmis, its mission, its operatives and the covert intelligence work they undertook during the Cold War.

At the end of the Second World War, Germany was occupied by Allied forces. Four separate zones of control were assigned to the US, the UK, the Soviet Union and France. Efforts were then made to facilitate liaison between the four military governments.

Brixmis (the British Commanders'-in-Chief Mission to the Soviet Forces in Germany) was the result of a reciprocal agreement signed by the UK and the Soviet Union in 1946. This paved the way for highly trained military observers from the British Army Forces to gather intelligence inside communist East Germany throughout the Cold War.

With specialist equipment and bespoke training, this unique group would face the perils of covert operations while being pursued by both Stasi secret police and Soviet forces.

In this dramatic talk, Andrew Long and Ian Sanders will be discussing the role, purpose and achievements of Brixmis, while also looking at how this intriguing unit continues to be remembered long after the end of the Cold War.

About the speakers

Andrew Long

Andrew Long is a Cold War historian and author. After a successful career in marketing, Andrew relocated to Cornwall and took up writing full time.

Andrew has had six books published to date: 'Secrets of the Cold War’, published by Pen & Sword, and the first four volumes of a miniseries on Cold War Berlin, published by Helion & Company. He is currently working on a history of Britain's Cold War civil defence.

Ian Sanders

Ian Sanders is an award-winning podcaster and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. His podcast, Cold War Conversations, is internationally renowned and has a roster of unique interviews with spies, civilians, journalists, authors and members of the military.

He has produced podcasts for the Imperial War Museum and the Avro Heritage Museum, as well as being a regular speaker at the Manchester Military History Society.

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