Her Majesty's Cavalry

Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, Horse Guards, London, 2016
Meet the serving members of the Household Cavalry Regiment starring in the ITV show 'Her Majesty's Cavalry'.


11am - 5pm

Meet the Household Cavalry

Meet serving soldiers from the Household Cavalry who starred in the ITV show 'Her Majesty's Cavalry' and find out why their job is known as the best of both worlds.

Take part in an interactive workshop to learn more about their roles. And get a close-up look at their operational kit, ceremonial uniform, and weapons.

11am - 5pm

Behind the scenes: Saddlers, vets and uniforms

See saddlers at work. Hear how the regiment provides veterinary care for its horses. And examine items of uniform from its Full Dress store and learn about the skills you need to be a tailor.

12pm - 1pm and 2pm - 3pm

Meet a 'Cavalry Black'

The horses of the Household Cavalry, known as 'Cavalry Blacks', have been guarding the Royal Family and taking part in ceremonial occasions since the restoration of King Charles II in 1660.

12pm - 4pm

Farrier demonstration

Watch a live farrier demonstration, showing how the regiment looks after its horses' feet.

12pm - 1pm and 2pm - 3pm

Meet a Drum Horse

The Drum Horses of the Household Cavalry take part in ceremonial occasions carrying two solid silver kettle drums. They hold the rank of major, making them the most senior animals in the Army.

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