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National Army Museum
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Paper Bullets

Detail from a Civil War pamphlet featuring a soldier being told to go to the wars

Explore propaganda in the British Civil Wars with Jason Peacey, as he highlights the role that pamphlets and newspapers played in the lives of soldiers of all ranks.

The British Civil Wars are rightly famous, not just in terms of the military conflicts that ushered in a constitutional revolution, but also for the ‘print revolution’ that both reflected and exacerbated political and religious tensions.

In this revealing talk, Professor Jason Peacey will examine publications that were targeted at soldiers, assessing their aims as well as their impact.

He will also look at soldiers’ own use of print media as part of the political campaigns with which they increasingly became involved, demonstrating the vital role that this came to play in both military as well as political mobilisation.

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About Professor Jason Peacey

Jason Peacey is Professor of Early Modern British History at UCL. He has published widely on the English Revolution, including edited collections such as 'The Regicides and the Execution of Charles I' (2001), and books such as 'Politicians and Pamphleteers: Propaganda in the Civil Wars and Interregnum' (2004), and 'Print and Public Politics in the English Revolution' (2013).

His most recent book is 'The Madman and the Churchrobber: Law and Conflict in Early Modern England' (2022).

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