Second World War Collection Day

Second World War collecting workshop

Share your memories, stories and artefacts relating to the Second World War as part of a collection project with the University of Oxford.

Do you have any memories, stories or artefacts relating to the Second World War? Would you like to share and preserve them for future generations?

The National Army Museum is working with the University of Oxford to host a Second World War Collection Day. Building on the successful 'Lest We Forget' First World War project, the event aims to capture the memories, stories and artefacts of the Second World War. 

We are inviting members of the public of all ages to bring their medals, photographs, diaries, letters and any other war-related mementos to the Museum, where they will be recorded, photographed and preserved in a web-based archive. 

Volunteers from the Museum and the University of Oxford will be on hand to record your stories, take photographs of your artefacts and upload the recordings/photographs to an online archive. Experts will also be present to provide information and answer any questions you have about you or your family's experiences during the war.

Please not bring in items that are potentially hazardous or covered by licensing laws such as firearms, explosives, edged weapons or containing radioactive or asbestos materials. If such material is bought onto site the museum may have to contact the policy. The Museum cannot have any duty of care towards such objects or the individual who brings such items in.

All items brought onto site are at the owners own risk and the Museum (and partners) are not responsible for the care of the items. Items must not be left unattended or left on site overnight.

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