• 10.00am - 5.30pm
  • FREE
  • Chelsea, London
  • 10.00am - 5.30pm
  • FREE
  • Chelsea, London

Ten things to do at the National Army Museum

Let’s be honest, keeping the family entertained all day is like a military operation. And what better place to do so than at the National Army Museum?

With free entry to all galleries and temporary exhibitions, you’ll be able to explore the story of the Army through time – and encounter fascinating objects, surprising stories and interactive fun. If you’re ready to join our mission of discovery, we have ten things to do during your visit that are guaranteed to keep everyone engaged.

A family playing a game in the Atrium
No 1

Drop-in sessions

Join one of our drop-in sessions and hear the amazing stories of soldiers. Or take part in a family-friendly tour around our galleries.

Soldiers on the Siborne model
No 2

Siborne model

Use a tablet to explore the model of the Battle of Waterloo, completed by Captain William Siborne in 1838, on display in the Conflict in Europe gallery.

A close-up of a gallery interactive that reads imagine, follow me to find out more
No 3

Family trail

Take on a series of engaging challenges around Formation gallery with our integrated family trail.

Family getting ready for a sentry box selfie
No 4

Sentry box selfie

Try on one of our uniforms and take your turn in the sentry box. Make sure your hat’s on straight – you need to look your best to guard the King!

Panoramic scroll depicting King George VI’s coronation procession
No 5

Coronation scroll

Use the sliding magnifying glass to explore the details in this panoramic scroll, depicting King George VI’s coronation procession.

Matching up uniforms in the Global Role gallery
No 6

Match the uniforms

Army uniforms have changed over time to suit different climates and to meet different challenges. Spin the blocks to match up the uniforms.

Children playing on the replica tank in the Conflict in Europe gallery
No 7

Advance with the tanks

Climb aboard our Churchill Mk VII and learn how tank fighting is a team effort.

A child playing on the strategy table in the Conflict in Europe gallery
No 8

Strategy table

Pick your mission and lead your troops into action. Can you make the right tactical decision under pressure?

A close up of several poppy interactive showing hand written visitor messages
No 9

Remembrance poppy field

Choose a poppy, write a message on it, and add it to our remembrance display.

Visitors in the Museum Shop
No 10

Take a break

You’ve earned it! Treat yourself to something to drink and a nice bite to eat in the Café. But if that’s not your jam (pun intended), have a look around our Shop before you head out.

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