Dressed for War

'Dressed for War' book cover
Bestselling author and historian Julie Summers  reveals how the identity of 'Vogue' magazine was forged in the Second World War.

'Dressed for War' explores the untold story of this pivotal era in the history of 'Vogue' magazine, which underwent its most formative years during the Second World War.

Editor Audrey Withers was able to forge an identity for 'Vogue' that went far beyond stylish clothes. Keen to reflect the home lives of ordinary people, she commissioned work from great writers and top photographers detailing the countries and people living in war-torn Europe. 

In doing so, Withers developed a style that set herself against the magazine's formidable New York editor, Edna Woolman Chase.

For this newly released history, Julie Summers has examined official and personal correspondence and researched the magazine's archives in London and New York. 

'Dressed For War' tells the story of the struggle between the personalities that shaped the magazine for the latter half of the 20th century and beyond.

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