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Eye-Witness Accounts of Marlborough’s Wars

'Marlborough's Wars' book cover

Join James Falkner as he examines the military campaigns of the Duke of Marlborough through the testimony of those who fought against and alongside him.

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John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough is one of the most revered soldiers in British  history. With a military and political career that spanned the reigns of five monarchs, and with great victories at Blenheim and Ramillies attributed to him, it is no wonder that modern scholars view him as a leading figure in the story of the British Army. 

In this enlightening talk, James Falkner will examine the eye-witness accounts of those who saw Marlborough in action. From senior officers and commanders to junior soldiers and camp followers, their reminiscences add an unexpected intimacy and freshness to our understanding of one of Britain’s greatest generals.

About James Falkner

James Falkner served as an infantry officer, both Regular and Territorial, for 25 years, retiring with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He has written 12 books on the campaigns of the Duke of Marlborough and 18th-century warfare.

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