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The Great Waterloo Controversy

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The Last Stand of the Imperial Guards at Waterloo

Gareth Glover outlines his contribution to the long-standing debate over which regiments defeated the Imperial Guard during the 'crisis' of Waterloo.

For two centuries, debate has raged around which regiment (or regiments) defeated Napoleon's Imperial Guard at Waterloo in 1815.

This has led to fierce argument, with claims of a cover-up, misinformation, dirty deeds, corruption and numerous conspiracy theories, which have in turn spawned a number of books claiming to have discovered the truth. Unfortunately, these all suffer from the natural regimental bias of an ex-soldier.

This talk, presented by an ex-Royal Navy man with no regimental affiliations, assesses all of the evidence available, including previously unknown accounts from men of the 52nd Foot, the 1st Foot (Grenadier) Guards and the French, and provides an honest appraisal of what actually happened at this critical moment in the history of warfare.

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