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Jimmy Sale and the Sharpshooters

Wilfred Herbert James Sale (centre) with men of the Sharpshooters, 1940

Join Dan Taylor as he explores a remarkable collection of photographs documenting the adventures of the 3rd County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters) during the Second World War.

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The Sale Collection is a series of photographs taken by Major ‘Jimmy’ Sale and a number of his comrades between 1938 and 1945. Comprising 24 albums of over 5,000 images, these incredible photos chart the wartime odyssey of their unit - the 3rd County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters) - across Britain, Africa and Europe.

The collection demonstrates how some regiments flouted the ban on front-line photography, appointing their own unofficial unit photographers. Sale's superiors turned a blind eye to his work, perhaps wanting to record for posterity the unit's role in the epic struggle unfolding.

In this talk, Dan Taylor will highlight images from the collection and offer an insight into some of the stories these incredible photographs reveal.

About Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor is a historian and curator at the Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry Museum. He has lectured at RMA Sandhurst, Bovington Tank Museum and the IWM. He has led tours for the Army Reserve and is a regular battlefield guide.

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