Soldiers' families during the Second World War

Soldier with family
Author Julie Summers uncovers the experiences of soldiers’ families during the Second World War.

Julie Summers will examine the dislocation felt by men and women returning from the long years of service in the Second World War.

For some the return home was joyous, with family life picked up where they had left off. But many took weeks, months, years - and some a lifetime - to return to civilian life. Often troubled by their experiences in battle or prisoner-of-war camps, they found it hard to readjust to life in Britain and the repercussions were felt by members of their families.

This talk will consider why this important area of our social history has been so little examined. With the enormous interest in family history today, this talk is relevant to anyone interested in our immediate past.

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"First time @NAM_London today. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought the presentation & interpretation made the subject accessible..."