Freedom of Information Policy


The Freedom of Information Act (2000) gives general right of access to all types of recorded information held by public authorities. It came into force in January 2005, and the National Army Museum is named as a public authority under the Act. This legislation gives the public the opportunity to find out what the Museum does and how we do it, and makes it more accountable.

This policy covers how the Museum complies with the Act, responsibilities of staff, and relationship with existing Museum policies.

Scope of the policy

This policy applies to all information created, received or held by staff in connection with their work at the Museum, regardless of format, storage medium and age.

The Museum will provide information when requested in compliance with the following legislation:

  • The Freedom of Information Act (2000)
  • The Environmental Information Regulations (2004)
  • The Data Protection Act (1998)

The Museum will manage its records in accordance with the Section 46 Code of practice of the Act, and the recommendations found in the Lord Chancellor’s Code of Practice on the management of records (2000)


The Act places the following requirements on the Museum:

  • Information which is routinely published by the Museum is made available in accordance with the Museum’s Publication Scheme.
  • Information which is not covered by the Publication Scheme is made available to enquirers on request, within 20 working days, unless a valid exemption or limit applies.
  • Exemptions under the Act and Regulations are applied appropriately
  • Requests for information relating to the natural, historic or built environment are covered by the Environmental Information Regulations, and can be made verbally, receiving a response within 20 working days.
  • A fair and efficient internal appeal system is administered.
  • A properly structured approach to managing records is in place to ensure that essential records of the Museum’s activities are maintained.


The Museum Director has legal responsibility for the Museum’s compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

The Museum’s Records Officer is responsible for coordinating and monitoring information requests received by the Museum, monitoring and updating the Publication Scheme, and providing advice where necessary.

The Museum’s SIRO has responsibility for leading internal reviews and making a decision in the case of an appeal; in the event that the SIRO was involved with the original response, the Assistant Director (Human Resources) will lead the review.

All staff have a responsibility to familiarise themselves with policies and procedures relating to the Act, to respond to requests for information in accordance to the Act, and to provide the Records Officer with the necessary advice and assistance for the purpose of responding to request for information.


When information is provided as copies of documents, photographs, film etc the Museum reserves the right to charge the current fee for reproductions. A fees notice will be sent to the enquirer prior to the supply of any information.

Where the costs of locating, retrieving and extracting information exceeds the cost of £450 (18 hours), the Museum reserves the right to charge for the additional costs in staff time. Costs are set at £25 per person per hour regardless to actual rate of pay.

Relationship with existing policies

This policy is supported by the following policies and procedures:

  • Freedom of Information Procedures and Workflow
  • Freedom of Information Complaints and Internal Review Procedures
  • Freedom of Information and Procurement
  • Records Management Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Publication Scheme

Policy approval and review

This policy was revised and approved in February 2017.

This policy will be reviewed in February 2022.

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