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Loans Policy

1. Introduction

  1. The Council of the National Army Museum (hereafter 'the Council') welcomes requests to borrow its items for inclusion in exhibitions at other UK Accredited or Registered museums and galleries (or a recognised overseas equivalent), recognising this as an important way of facilitating access to the Museum's Collection, reaching new audiences and inspiring learning and enjoyment.
  2. This policy covers all loans of objects for exhibition both outgoing and incoming to the National Army Museum (NAM), for any duration. It does not apply to movements of objects out of the NAM for conservation or study purposes.

2. Principles

  1. The Council makes loans for the following reasons:
    • to make collections accessible to new and diverse audiences around the UK and the world.
    • to help tell the story of the British Army through its collections.
    • to further knowledge and scholarship relating to the objects in its care.
    • to enhance the reputation of the NAM and foster relationships with other heritage institutions.
  2. When deciding whether to lend, NAM will take into account the reasonable expectations of its visitors and other regular audiences, the rarity and significance of the object to the exhibition in question, and the safety of transporting the requested objects. Decisions are made by NAM's Collections Standards and Care Manager, with the support of the Director General and the Council. Decisions on loans of particularly high value or sensitive objects may be considered at a higher level.
  3. The Council will not approve any loans in circumstances which could prove damaging to the NAM’s reputation. Explicitly, the Council will not lend to any exhibition which includes objects known or reputed to have been stolen, illegally exported or illegally excavated.
  4. The Council will only lend to UK museums and galleries which have been granted full or provisional Accredited status by Arts Council England, or can otherwise prove that they are able to achieve the standards of security and environmental care required for Accreditation. International venues must have similar status under their own national scheme, or be able to prove these standards of care. Loans will only be made to venues which are open to the general public.
  5. In order for a loan to be fulfilled by the NAM, the Borrower must demonstrate that the objects they have requested will form an essential part of their display, that the exhibition is intellectually valid and will provide public benefit.
  6. When requesting loans-in to be displayed at the NAM, the Council will observe the same principles as those that are applied to outgoing loans. The Council will not accept on loan any object where they have good cause to believe:
    • that the current holder does not hold legitimate title to the object
    • that the object was stolen, illegally imported, exported or excavated.

Janice Murray
Director General

William Philpott
Chairman of the A & D Committee

28 October 2015

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