100 years since the 100 Days: How the First World War transformed the Army

Soldiers bridging a stream in the First World War
Join Dr Peter Johnston to discover how the First World War transformed the British Army beyond all recognition.

By the end of the First World War, four years of conflict, casualties and innovation across the globe, had evolved the British Army into a highly efficient, effective fighting machine.

This force was capable of maintaining and supplying multiple armies in the field, and conducting consecutive 'all arms' battles on a scale that was unimaginable at the outbreak of hostilities in 1914.

One hundred years on from the decisive events of 1918, this talk will explore how the Army evolved and steadily improved from 1914. It will also address the ongoing relevance for the modern military of the lessons learned on the battlefields of the First World War.

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"First time @NAM_London today. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought the presentation & interpretation made the subject accessible..."