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All the King’s Horses and Men

Men of ‘C’ Squadron, 21st Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry, 1901

Join Robert Fleming as he traces the development and service of King Edward’s Horse (The King’s Overseas Dominions Regiment).

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During the early stages of the Boer War (1899-1902), following a series of surprising setbacks for the British, a call went out to fill the ranks. There was a particular need to strengthen Britain’s mounted forces to cope with the size of the South African veldt and the mobility of the Boers.

Imperial Yeomanry units were raised, initially drawing from their traditional middle-class support base, but then increasingly recruiting working-class horsemen.

One perhaps surprising source of recruits were young middle- and upper-class expatriate men from the Dominions living in the UK. Some were Rhodes Scholars, others the sons of businessmen, lawyers, politicians and diplomats, but a sufficient number came together to form the 4th County of London Imperial Yeomanry (King’s Colonials). 

The regiment was at strength too late to deploy to South Africa, but did survive the reorganisations of the Edwardian period, becoming King Edward’s Horse (The King’s Overseas Dominions Regiment) and serving on the Western Front during the First World War.

Join Robert Fleming, Manager of the Templer Study Centre here at the National Army Museum, as he traces the history of this regiment, outlining the contributions made by men from across the British Empire.

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