• 10.00am - 5.30pm
  • FREE
  • Chelsea, London
  • 10.00am - 5.30pm
  • FREE
  • Chelsea, London

Spotlight Saturday: Machine Gun Corps

A Vickers machine gun team in gas masks, c1916

Discover more about the service and legacy of the Machine Gun Corps in a special day of talks, tours and hands-on activities at the National Army Museum.

To mark the centenary year of the disbandment of the Machine Gun Corps (MGC), the National Army Museum is hosting a day of activities looking at the unit’s history, personnel and legacy. This event is held in proud partnership with the Vickers MG Collection and Research Association.

Programme highlights

History of the MGC

Join us for a series of expert talks that examine different aspects of MGC history,  including its First World War origins, what it was like to serve in the Corps, and how its legacy is viewed today.

  • 11.00am - Neil Grant: Light Machine Guns
  • 12.00pm - Matt Moss: The Machine Gun and Indirect Fire
  • 2.00pm - Paul Macro: Men, Motorcycles and Machine Guns
  • 3.00pm - Jake Brown: The Equipment of the Machine Gunner
Researching the MGC

The MGC database will be available for use on the day. Research a relative who served in the unit or find out about members of the Corps who have been awarded the Victoria Cross.

Items from the past

Get hands-on with equipment and uniform used by members of the MGC, including a selection of Vickers machine guns.

Living History

Speak to living historians who will bring the stories of soldiers’ service to life, highlighting the varied experiences of those who served in the MGC.

About the VMGCRA

The Vickers MG Collection and Research Association was formed in 2011 to ensure that the historical collection and research established since 1994, by Richard Fisher, would be safeguarded for the future. Their mission is to inform and educate the public’s knowledge of the Vickers machine gun’s role in military history.

Logo marking 100 years of machine gunnery alongside logo of the VMGCRA

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