The Wasbies in the Second World War

The Wasbies in the Second World War
Elizabeth Lockart-Mure tells the little-known story of the Women's Auxiliary Service (Burma), which ran mobile canteens for the Allied troops involved in the Burma campaign.

During the Second World War, the 14th Army was supported by an intrepid group of women known colloquially as the Wasbies - the Women's Auxiliary Service (Burma) or WAS(B).

Across thousands of miles of inhospitable jungle, in conditions of tremendous difficulty and sometimes within sound of the guns, the Wasbies ran char and wads, mobile and static canteens, providing the troops with a constant supply of food and drink.

Elizabeth Lockart-Mure's account of these brave women is taken from the surviving diary of Maria Pilbrow, documenting her experiences in India and Burma with the 14th Army.

There will be a book signing with the author after the event.

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