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The Queen’s Royal Lancers

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Members of a Queen's Royal Lancers patrol take cover from the dust in a Merlin helicopter's downdraught, Iraq, 2007


This regiment was formed in 1993 by amalgamating the 16th/5th The Queens' Royal Lancers and the 17th/21st Lancers. It was composed of four squadrons, each of which continued the traditions of one of its four antecedent regiments. Like its predecessors, the new unit was part of the Royal Armoured Corps.

Initially equipped with Challenger 1 tanks, the regiment was posted to Germany in 1993 with 4th Armoured Brigade.

Over the next decade, it also served in peacekeeping roles in Cyprus (1994-95 and 2000-01), Bosnia (1995, 1998 and 2002) and Kosovo (1999), as well taking part in training exercises in Canada and Poland.

Cap badge, The Queen's Royal Lancers, c1993

Badge, The Queen's Royal Lancers, c1993

A Queen's Royal Lancers officer patrolling in Iraq, July 2004

Later deployments

In 2003, its 'B' and 'C' Squadrons deployed to Iraq during Operation Telic, equipped with Challenger 2 tanks. They were joined there by 'A' and 'D' Squadrons in 2004.

The following year saw the regiment convert to a reconnaissance role. It was re-equipped with Scimitar armoured reconnaissance vehicles and Land Rovers fitted with Weapons Mount Installation Kits.

In 2006-07, the regiment was again in Iraq, spending seven months deployed in the southern deserts.

In 2010, the Queen's Own Lancers served in Afghanistan with 4th Mechanised Brigade. It returned there in 2012-13, assisting with security and reconstruction efforts.

Queen's Royal Lancers, Maysan Province, Iraq, 2007

A Queens Royal Lancers Land Rover on desert patrol, 2007


In 2015, the regiment was merged with the 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's) to form The Royal Lancers.

Regimental museums

The National Army Museum works with a network of Regimental and Corps Museums across the UK to help preserve and share the history and traditions of the Army and its soldiers.

Discover more about The Queen's Royal Lancers by visiting Royal Lancers and Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Museum at Thoresby Park, Nottinghamshire.

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