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Regiments and Corps

The Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry

Troops disembark from helicopters in Aden, 1964


This regiment was formed in 1959 by merging The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert’s) and The Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry into a new single-battalion unit.

It remained part of the Light Infantry Brigade, which its two parent regiments had joined in 1948.

Collar badge, The Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry, 1959


At the time of the merger, both predecessor units had been in Germany with the British Army of the Rhine. The new regiment stayed there until 1961, when it moved to Gibraltar for two years. It then deployed to West Berlin in 1963, again for two years of garrison service.

Between April and October 1966, it was deployed to the Aden Emergency (1963-67), where it sustained several casualties engaging local insurgents. In January 1968, the regiment was sent to Northern Ireland. 


In July 1968, it was merged with the other three regiments of the Light Infantry Brigade - The King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, The King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and The Durham Light Infantry - to form a single large regiment, known as The Light Infantry.

Regimental Museums

The National Army Museum works together with Regimental and Corps Museums across the country to help provide a network of military museums for everyone to visit and enjoy.

Explore the history and collections of The Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry by visiting Somerset Military Museum in Taunton and Cornwall's Regimental Museum in Bodmin.

Somerset Military Museum Cornwall's Regimental Museum

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