Romania and the First World War

Romanian soldiers in the First World War
Military historian Major General Dr Mihail E Ionescu discusses relations between Romania and Britain during the First World War.

After two years of neutrality (1914-16), Romania allied with Britain, France, Russia and Italy. It entered the war with the aim of unifying the Romanian provinces under Austrian-Hungarian rule - including parts of Transylvania - with the Old Kingdom of Romania. 

Despite the courage and heroism shown by its soldiers, the might of the Central Powers armies - along with the defection of Russia after the Bolshevik coup - left Romania defeated. However, the final victory of the Entente in 1918 brought about an unexpected, yet extraordinary, conclusion to the Romanian campaign.

This talk is in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute. It is accompanied by a free temporary display in our Atrium from 15 June to 15 July 2018.

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