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Parachute Mission

What material, shape and design makes the best parachute? Have a go at making your own mini-parachute at home in this fun family activity.

Parachute Mission
Follow the step-by-step instructions!

Materials needed:

  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Colouring pens/pencils
  • String
  • Small plastic toy
  • Paper
Parachute Mission: first stage

1. Firstly, choose a material to make your parachute. We've used paper, but you could try tissue, card or even a plastic bag 
2. The shape of your parachute is important. You can use one of our templates or use your imagination to design your own. Remember it needs to be big enough for you to add four holes. 
3. Draw out the size of your parachute on your material. Then cut it out with scissors. 

Parachute Mission: middle stage

4. Decorate your parachute with colouring pencils, stickers, whatever you have at home!
5. Punch four holes, one on each side of your parachute – you may want to ask an adult to help you with this.
6. Cut four pieces of string, all the same length. Thread one piece of string though one of your holes and tie a not to secure it. Repeat this for each hole.

Parachute Mission: final stage

7. Tie the loose ends of your parachute strings onto a small object- you can use a plastic figure, cotton reel or small plastic toy.  See what you can find around the house. 

8. Drop your parachute from a safe height and see how long it takes to land. Make sure to warn anyone down below before you drop it!

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