Field Marshal Lord Allenby, c1925


Edmund Allenby: The bull

General Sir Edmund Allenby led the British Empire to victory in the Middle East in 1918. He successfully pioneered the combined use of infantry, cavalry and aeroplanes at the Battle of Megiddo.

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The Duke of Wellington, c1820

Wellington: The Iron Duke

Whether you know him as Arthur Wellesley, the Iron Duke, or even Old Nosey, the Duke of Wellington is the British Army’s most famous commander.

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Lawrence of Arabia, 1919

Lawrence of Arabia: The man behind the robes

Few British soldiers have a greater legend attached to them than Colonel TE Lawrence - better known as Lawrence of Arabia.

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Sir William Inglis, 1820

William Inglis: The original die-hard

Major-General Sir William Inglis had a long and successful career. But it was his actions in the Peninsular War, when he showed enormous personal courage and leadership under fire, that earned him national fame.

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Lieutenant-General Bernard Montgomery, 1942

Bernard Law Montgomery: Unbeatable and unbearable

Arrogant, unlikeable, but ultimately successful, Field Marshal Montgomery was one of the most prominent British commanders of the Second World War.

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In Haig's Shadow
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26 June 2020, 12.00pm


In Haig's Shadow

Join Gary Sheffield live online as he discusses the experiences of Hugo De Pree, a cousin of Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, who had a distinguished military career in his own right.

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